Naturopathy is a health care system, which is used as . Sometimes the conventional treatment do not erase the root cause of the disease and also badly affect the quality of life. Naturopathy helps to restore the quality of life. It uses natural therapies for maintaining the health. It is non-toxic stream of medicine aiming more at prevention of diseases rather than the cure. It tries to tap healing power of the body and nature.

Available scientific evidence does not support naturopathic medicine as an alternative treatment system for cancer. Most of the claims rely on individual experiences and cases. But some naturopathic treatment therapies can help patients to fight with symptoms of and side effects of conventional treatment.

Members of The American Naturopathic Medical Association are certified for imparting naturopathy treatments for various diseases.

Uses of Naturopathy

Naturopathy is used to restore normal metabolism, boost immune system and decrease side effects of conventional cancer treatment. It aims at preventing spread of cancer and maintaining health. Practice of naturopathy can improve energy level, well-being and quality of life. It helps in recovery after surgery and also increases effectiveness of conventional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It helps in detoxification of body and restoring balance of hormones and improving absorption of nutrients.

Naturopathy also uses different healing practices such as Chinese medicines, acupuncture and homeopathy along with its therapeutic therapies. It believes in treating some medical conditions with foods and nutritional supplements. It uses Botanical Medicine such as herbs, minerals, and vitamins to gently improve body function without harmful side effects. It uses hydrotherapy or various temperatures and applications of water for healing purposes. Low Level Energy Laser Therapy is other natural method to minimize side effects of conventional cancer treatment such as peripheral neuropathy, pain, fatigue, inflammation and wounds.

Naturopaths suggests patients a diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits, unsaturated fats, adequate lean protein and whole grains. They also give multiple vitamin supplements to restore balance of immune system and physical functions. Some such as , or Whey Protein are considered to very good for health. Melatonin improves sleep and function of the immune system. It also slows down cancer spread and reduces side effects of chemotherapy. supplements help in strengthening the immune system, and increasing effectiveness of some chemotherapy drugs. Green tea and Whey protein also help in white blood cells formation and prevention of ulcers as a side effect of conventional treatment.

Side Effects of Naturopathy

Naturopathy is considered as safe but some therapies such as fasting, dietary restrictions or enemas, use of unregulated herbs may cause harmful side effects.  Some herbs or medicines used in naturopathy treatment may interfere with the conventional cancer treatment.

Patients should consult their oncologist before using any naturopathy medicine or therapy. It may be dangerous to rely only on naturopathy for treatment of cancer; it should be used along with conventional treatment after consultation from the specialist. One should be aware of the fact that how much experience and knowledge the concerned naturopath possesses.