Myeloma is a type of , which affects the plasma cells in the blood. Plasma cells are white blood cells. As a normal process in body, production of new plasma cells takes place to replace old and worn out plasma cells. This is a controlled process, which takes place in an orderly manner. Myeloma affects this process and it gets awry. As a result a large numbers of abnormal plasma cells or myeloma cells start producing. They are responsible for production of antibodies in the body which fight diseases and infections. Myeloma cells production starts in the bone marrow, which is a soft tissue and is found inside bones. Myeloma cells are capable of travelling through the blood stream and they can accumulate in bones throughout the body. Myeloma can frequently occur at many places in the bone marrow simultaneously, thus it is also called as multiple myeloma. The other name for Myeloma is Myelomatosis. Sometimes abnormal plasma cells are found in a bone in only one area of the body. This condition is called solitary plasmacytoma.

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