A plaintiff from Minnesota has sued Wyeth Pharmaceuticals for enduring side effects due to the use of widely known heart burn curing drug . The lawsuit was filed on December 27, 2012 in the Superior Court of San Francisco County, California in which the plaintiff couple has accused the drug manufacturer of being negligent in informing patients about the Kobe Xiii potential of the drug. According to reports the plaintiffs in the lawsuit were named as Candis and Walter Jansen.

In the lawsuit the plaintiff and their Reglan Attorney state that Mrs. Jansen began taking Reglan in 2005 after being prescribed by her doctor to treat the condition of heartburn and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). However, after being treated with the drug she began Salomon Kalalau Ltr W experiencing many side effects and health Boxer Calvin Klein Steel Baratos complications like involuntary Nike Shox Oz White facial movements or tardive dyskinesia.

According to reports from the sources, the plaintiff and her Reglan Lawyer have claimed that the use of the drug caused her suffer from a number of permanent, Nike Air Max 90 Leather Mens serious and disabling side effects including “Tardive Dyskinesia” and other “Movement Disorders”. These disorders are characterized by involuntary and uncontrollable twitching of the muscles of the face, limbs, and other parts of the body. With the the plaintiff has framed a number of charges against the drug manufacturer including product negligence, misrepresentation, and failure to adequately warn consumers and has appealed to hold the drug manufacturer liable for disability, disfigurement, pain and sufferings.

What is Reglan?

Reglan is a prescription drug widely prescribed by doctors and health care professionals in the United States to treat conditions like Heartburn and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). The prescription drug Reglan is a metoclopramide that enhances the muscle contration in the upper part of the human digestive tract leading to the proper evacuation of intestines. The drug is also prescribed to treat heartburn caused by gastroesophageal reflux in people who have used other medications without relief of symptoms.

Side Effects of Reglan

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