Before going deep into methods of treatment for alcoholism, we need to understand what alcoholism actually is. Drinking has become a common social practice of late. People enjoy alcoholic drinks at social gatherings or get habituated with alcohol by attempting to relax. Once the consumption becomes excessive, many problems tend to surface. Alcohol use in moderation and once in a while is not a vice and any adult is free to have a drink or two for relaxation or for socializing. But when people start consuming large amount of alcohol and on frequent basis, then it starts to harm their body. It does not only cause physical harm but mental harm as well.

Alcohol is an easily available and socially acceptable drink in many countries. When alcohol use starts affecting the drinkers life in an adverse manner it becomes alcohol abuse. Alcohol abusers drink excess and frequently. Alcohol starts interfering with their life and start failing in their educational, work or family responsibilities. An alcoholic is a compulsive drinker. His body gets too much dependent on alcohol and this dependence causes cravings for alcohol. Alcoholics or alcohol addicts lose control over their drinking and drink out of control in excessive amount for a significant period of time. When a drinker drinks compulsively, keeps drinking in spite of negative effects and develops depression or other withdrawal symptoms when deprived alcohol, it signals that he has become an alcoholic.

There are number of therapies and treatment methods to get rid of alcohol. There is no universal treatment option to treat an alcoholic. The treatment option is decided on the need of every individual alcoholic. Drinking problems has become much common among younger people. Hence finding a right treatment option has become more significant an issue. Some of the most common methods of treatment for alcoholism are discussed below-

1. By The Addict

When an alcoholic is in the initial state of his addiction, he may get rid of alcoholism on his own. It only requires him to decide to quit drinking and stick to it with will power. This requires a lot of courage to decide quitting alcohol on own. They may join social groups of alcoholics trying to quit. This gives them strength and pushes their morale and confidence up. Other distractions may include taking up new activities, indulging one in positive things or trying to bond socially, so they do not need alcohol to relax or get rid of their problems. Avoiding their drinking group also helps.

2. Rehabilitation Center

Going to a rehabilitation centre is of immense help for an addict to recover from his addiction of alcohol. These rehabilitation centres offer several programs catering to needs of various alcoholics. They provide counselling services on individual basis or in group, detox treatments and recreational activities as per requirement of the alcoholic to recover. These programs maybe of weeks or months depending on the need of alcoholic. They provide ample support to an alcoholic in recovering and also prevent relapses.

3. As Inpatient In A Hospital

Some alcoholics may suffer other physical or mental disorders besides alcoholism. Though these problems may be due to alcoholism, medical help is soughed in this condition. Treatment as an inpatient in the hospital is best suitable in this case. They have arduous standards of treatment. Hospital treatments are best suited for alcoholics with need of medical treatment for a disease or disability.

4. Support Groups

Support groups are another common option for getting rid of alcoholism. They offer counselling over the phone, through the Internet, or in-person. Taking help of a support group helps more if it is taken after finishing a rehabilitation program in or going through another treatment. Support groups help an alcoholic in moving to normalcy in life. They also help in giving up further cravings for alcohol and prevent relapses.