Though New Zealand is relatively new in the arena of industry, it is booming at a commendable rate. The amalgam of world-class hospitals that are largely accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), its cost-effectiveness and the exotic range of beauty spots make it an ideal destination for foreign visitors. According to a recent estimation, about 1000 foreign tourists choose to visit New Zealand for their medical treatments. The number of overseas patients expected to visit New Zealand by 2020 is estimated to stand at 20,000. English is their first language and this paves the way for easy communication.

Medical Treatments Available in New Zealand

New Zealand offers a gamut of medical facilities. Hospitals of New Zealand perform popular surgeries like Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Cardiac Valve Replacement Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Gynecological Surgery, Urological Surgery, Cardiac Operations and Procedures, Eye Surgery, Obesity/Bariatric Surgery etc. In addition, various hospitals also offer treatments of the skin, fertility, spine/stem cell etc. With their excellent healthcare system you can be assured to be in good hands.

Basically there are two medical systems in New Zealand, publicly funded and private system. The publicly funded are free for patients residing in New Zealand and the private systems are for those who do not wish to stand in the waiting list by paying a certain amount. New Zealand’s private hospitals are internationally accredited and are specialized in taking personal care of their patients. The private hospitals come equipped with state of the art facilities and health care services.

Cost of Treatment in New Zealand

An important factor, which makes New Zealand one of the most, preferred medical destination is the affordability of medical treatment. In the year 2008 it was found out that the surgical costs in New Zealand are 15-20% the surgical costs in the USA. As a result US patients are especially seen flocking to New Zealand due to the great deal of savings that can be made. Heart by-pass surgery in New Zealand is done at the cost of $25,000 whereas the same surgery is done at $125,000 in the USA. Similarly, the expenses of other major operations such as hip replacement operation is $15,000 in New Zealand whereas it costs a whooping of $50,000 in USA. This ‘less than half the cost’ makes it more reasonable for uninsured patients and for medical insurers.

It is to be noted that the quality of medical treatment available in New Zealand is at par and to some extent even superior to the quality that is available in USA or Europe.

Medical Tourism Destination In New Zealand

New Zealand has some of the world’s best photogenic sceneries. What can be more alluring than to recuperate after your treatment in the midst of such beautiful natural surroundings?Wherever you are in New Zealand, you will always be at a distance of two hours from the attractive beaches. Auckland and Wellington are two of the most important centers for medical tourism in New Zealand.

Some of the well-known hospitals are Oxford Clinic Day Hospital, Boulcott Hospital, Royston Hospital, Mercy Hospital Dunedin, Bowen Hospital, Wellington Regional Hospital, Gilles Hospital and Clinic etc.

According to the Commonwealth Fund (USA), New Zealand provides one of the best health care facilities in the world.

Things to Remember 

Medical tourists have to apply for a visitor’s visa before they enter the country. This visa is valid for 6 months. One can get in touch with a medical tourism agency or a private hospital that offers a comprehensive package for medical tourists. These packages come inclusive of treatment, flights, aftercare and lodging. New Zealand has many private hospitals that provide hotel style rooms for medical tourists.  You can seek the help of MedTral in New Zealand for your planning purpose. It is a company that offers medical services to international travelers.

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