Uruguay recently made entry into the market and secured a powerful position for itself very quickly. People are flocking to Uruguay for its well-equipped, efficient and inexpensive health care system and the large number of independently operated associations providing latest equipment and highly qualified doctors. As an added advantage to the medical tourism trade, is the extensive network of hoteliers who make your stay comfortable and inexpensive by catering to the needs of patients and treat them more like family than tourists.

Medical Treatments in Uruguay

Uruguay is most popular for medical treatments and procedures such as dental, gastric bypass surgery and cosmetic surgeries including facelifts. In addition, , fertility treatment, anti-aging, heart surgery, laparoscopic surgery and rehabilitation services are all services highly sought after by medical tourists going to Uruguay. A highly affective new technology being used for rehabilitation in Uruguay is the Xenon Therapy.

The medical staff in Uruguay work carefully to ensure that you are tended by well trained and competent staff during your post care recovery period. After-care facilities in Uruguay are exceptional, which is one of the reasons that Uruguay has become so highly recognized as a medical tourism destination.

Cost of Treatment in Uruguay

The cost of medical care in Uruguay is comparatively much less expensive to that in the Western world. The cost of treatments in Uruguay starts at just $1,000 USD, which is why medical tourists go to Uruguay from all over the globe. In addition, there are attractive health packages for medical tourists who can purchase airline tickets, hotel, and medical treatments at a fraction of medical costs alone at home.

Medical Tourism Destination in Uruguay

Uruguay has an extensive and impressive history of both literature and artistic tradition which attracts a large number of tourists each year. Now with the addition of medial tourism, patients can see to their medical needs and then explore the countries rich heritage after recovery. Patients will find that the hospitals in Uruguay provide European quality service. Hospitals like BlueShield Uruguay and Hospital Britanico are highly praised for sterility, cleanliness and the efficiency of the medical services to health tourists. Hospital Britanico is mostly preferred by medical tourists due to the English speaking staff and specialists.

Uruguay has some amazing beaches where tourists and residents alike enjoy surfing, sunbathing and swimming. The relaxing and soothing environment helps to calm the senses and rejuvenates both mind and body. The more popular beaches are found in La Pedrera and La Paloma. If beaches aren’t your thing, you will find one of the many spas in Uruguay will pamper you – mind, body and soul.

Things to Remember

  • A Visa and Passport will be necessary to enter Uruguay.
  • Carry your entire medical history with you as well as a photo id.
  • The official language in Uruguay is Spanish. A language interpreter can be provided for you should you need one.
  • English is widely spoken within the medical and business community in Uruguay.
  • Transportation throughout Uruguay is easy with their remarkable bus services.
  • Antel is the most popular mobile network within the country.

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