to the United Kingdom is an interesting blend of both quality medical care and a fascinating vacation destination all in one. With medical destination choices ranging from the city life in London, Liverpool and Manchester or the rolling green hills in Scotland, you are sure to find a destination that is just the right fit for you. Medical tourists will find the perfect blend of first rate medical care and rustic United Kingdom charm.

Extraordinary Care in Historic Locations

The United Kingdom is a part of mainland Europe and is made up of Great Britain – England, Scotland and Wales – as well as Northern Ireland as well as some smaller local islands.  The healthcare system in the United Kingdom has been at the forefront for decades offering excellent medical care. Traveling to the United Kingdom for health care alone makes it worth the trip, but when you have the added benefit of being able to see Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and so much more, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Medical Treatments in United Kingdom

Some of the best medical facilities in the world can be found within the United Kingdom, with first-rate hospitals and clinics found in every major town. Many of the facilities in the UK have specialist departments which are run by the highest trained medical staff. The more popular treatments received by medical tourists are: Dental procedures, orthopedics and cosmetic surgery. The most popular of the three being cosmetic plastic surgery.  The leading facilities in the UK for plastic surgery can be found in London, Liverpool and Glasgow.

Convalescing after Treatment

Most of the hospitals found in the UK are very near to major hotels. This allows you to check out of the hospital and then spend time Convalescing in the comfort of a hotel room, with room service, and still be close by to hospital staff should you need follow up care.  The United Kingdom also offers a number of spas and wellness centers which are available to you post treatment. Once you are well, you can then take the time to stroll the beautiful streets of London or take a rail to Aberdeen, tour the Palace and have your photo taken next to one of the Queen’s Guards.

International Standards of Care in the United Kingdom

All medical facilities in the United Kingdom adhere to the International Standards of Care. All facilities also have to be certified by the independent Care Quality Commission. In addition, all medical doctors, educated in the United Kingdom, must undergo a minimum of five years training followed by specialized training within their area of interest / specialty. Medical facilities and medical doctors are subject to regular checks and are required to be fully insured.

Cost of Treatment in United Kingdom

As with all medical tourism, the reason many travel abroad is the sky rocketing costs of medical care in the United States.  For instance, Bypass surgery in America costs on average $151,000 for both physician and hospital. The same costs on average $15,000 in the United Kingdom. If you compare the average costs in 2012 of a per day hospital stay, the USA weighs in at $12,550 while the United Kingdom beats them hands down with an average cost of $650.

Costs for a visit to a doctor in the United Kingdom runs on average $118 for a general practitioner and $150 for a specialist, while the United States costs are $161 and $230 respectively. On average the United Kingdom ranks higher than the United States when it comes to staffing and pre-op and post-operative care. The number of staff per hospital bed in the United Kingdom is 6.5 while here in the USA the average is 5. As for nursing care, the USA average for nurses per hospital bed is 1.4 while the United Kingdom ranks second in the world at 1.8 nurses per bed.

Things to Remember

  • You need to have a passport and medical visa to enter the country for medical treatment.
  • You will find major airports in all the large cities in the United Kingdom
  • Electricity within the UK runs at 230 volts so if you’re bringing electronic equipment with you, you will need an adaptor.
  • In case of emergency you can call on 112 or 999 from any network.

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