Turkey – a famous vacation getaway – is known not only for its Turquoise Coast and historical attractions, but its initiatives as well.  The evidence of its growing popularity in the medical field can be supported by statistical data, according to which, the country received around 110,000 medical patients the previous year. This high inflow of medical tourists has qualified Turkey as the seventh most-visited destination in the field of medical tourism. Arguably dotted with Burberry Handbags Clearance maximum number of U.S. accredited New York Red Bulls Kit 15/16 hospitals, Turkey has become a focus of attention for patients looking for cost-effective eye check-ups and surgery. It is also traveled for its economical spinal fusion surgery.

Medical Treatments in Turkey

A significant number of medical tourists from Russia, Germany, UK, France, Iraq, Azerbaijan and the Netherlands travel to Turkey for medical procedures. And very soon, the footfall of US patients to this country is also expected to rise as some travel and treatment related offers are being designed especially for them. Patients come to this place mainly for eye treatment. In addition to this, they also look for dental help, cosmetic surgery, hair transplants, Comprar Calzoncillos D