Taiwan, a tear-drop shaped island which lies 110 miles off the southeastern cost of mainland China, has an interesting blend of cultures blending the original aborigine with elements of Chinese and Japanese cultures, traditional Confucianism and increasing Western values. Health Care in Taiwan is a form of social insurance which is overseen by the Bureau of National Health Insurance which was implemented in 1995. In recent years, Taiwan has become an increasingly popular destination for as well.

Taiwan lies on the Tropic of Cancer and has a marine tropical climate which makes for an exotic destination for a medical tourist where they can receive medical treatment in combination with a very memorable vacation. The cultural delight, climate and the incredible beauty of the island make Taiwan a premier destination. With a very successful blend of traditional and modern, visitors can experience the Taiwan of old, while receiving modern cutting-edge medical treatments.

Medical Treatments in Taiwan

In Taiwan, medical tourists can expect to find first rate health care services from professionals who are internationally recognized for the quality of care and services. Taiwan is a popular medical tourism destination for patients seeking joint replacement treatment, cardiovascular treatment, fertility treatments, cancer treatments, cosmetic and plastic surgery treatment. In fact, Taiwan is the only Asian country having international recognition for its plastic surgery innovation.

Cost of Treatment in Taiwan

Not only will you find superior health care treatments in Taiwan, you will also find they come with very affordable prices when compared to the same treatments here in the United States.  In comparing similar treatments, procedures and surgeries between the United States and Taiwan, the pricing is – on average – 60% lower in Taiwan.  An example of this is hip replacement surgery: The United States cost of the surgery will cost around $50,000 while the exact same procedure in Taiwan will cost only $6,000 USD. Another example is prostrate surgery: In the US, the procedure averages $20,000 while costing only $2,000 in Taiwan. Seeing these examples, it’s easy to see why Taiwan is a popular destination for medical tourism.

Medical Tourism Destination in Taiwan

The hospitals in Taiwan offer a high quality of service which matches up to international standards. In fact the medical staff, surgeons and medical professionals are given intensive training before they are allowed to practice. Health tourists come to Taiwan especially for the range of facilities that it offers post treatment. The patients can just relax while every need is taken care of under expert guidance. Many hospitals in Taiwan are famous for offering Health managers to help the patients with their recovery process. Many of the health tourists like to take advantage of the geothermal hot springs in Taiwan which are ideal for recuperation and help to recharge the spirit. Health tourists also love to shop in the night markets in Taipei.

Things to Remember

  • China Airlines is the national Airlines of Taiwan.
  • You will need both a Visa and a passport to enter Taiwan.
  • Taiwan has a number of hotels which can fit into any budget.
  • Taiwan experiences pleasant tropical and sub-tropical climate.
  • Taiwanese is the official language of Taiwan.
  • Taiwan Mobile and Vibo provide extensive mobile networks.

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