South Africa is among the most popular destinations to give best medical treatments at a very affordable cost. This is combined with the benefit of a healing holiday and remarkable sightseeing while basking in the sun. The surgeons of Cape Town are so popular all over the world that has become an expanding niche market in South Africa. The medical facilities in South Africa are both government run and privately owned.

Medical Treatments in South Africa

There are multiple Government run hospitals and around 200 private hospitals and clinics. These hospitals are providing and catering to different medical needs of the medical tourists. They encompass various fields including ophthalmology to plastic surgery to oncology and pediatric and fertility areas. You will also find specialists rehabilitation clinics providing psychiatry services. There are hospitals in Johannesburg which act as the Epicenter of providing medical excellence. People from all over the world come here for dentistry, cosmetic surgery, fertility services and also rehabilitation facilities. There is availability of latest equipment’s which meets the professional needs of the doctors and help them serve the health tourist better.

Cost of Treatment in South Africa

The surgeons in South Africa are experienced and trained to meet your needs. Health tourists from different continent are coming here to take advantage of the reasonably priced accommodation and surgeries. The exchange rates also help the medical travelers to save up to 50% of expenditure of surgeries. The larger private hospitals providing medical services at economical costs are Netcare Unitas Hospital and also Netcare St Augustine’s Hospital located in Durban and there are 64 more hospitals under this group.

Medical Tourism Destination in South Africa

The sights and experiences offered by South Africa cannot be found anywhere. Health travelers can take advantage of the jungle safari and African reserves are world famous. People who are into shopping can take indulge into a buying spree in exciting shopping places in Johannesburg, Nelspruit or even Cape Town. You can satiate your taste buds with the exotic and colorful cuisine of South Africa. There are both private and public medical establishments providing unique settings for recuperation for the health tourists. All those who come to visit South Africa are amazed at the sights and sound offered by South Africa. The health tourists go back healthier and happier from here.

Things to Remember

You should definitely carry your visa because it is not issued at the point of entry. The visa can be extended for up to six months. The Department of Home Affairs provides the form for visa application. You need to have your passport and return ticket ready or you might face problem at the airport. Cape Town is the most important International airport of South Africa. Majority of the people speak Afrikaans and English is spoken as the second language. You can carry traveler’s checks and exchange them in banks. South Africa has an extensive GSM network.