Romania is a country which captivates its tourists with a rich history, and a distinctive four season climate. Located on the border of the black sea, Romania is surrounded by Hungary and Serbia to the west, Ukraine and Moldova to the North and East and Bulgaria to the south. Romania occupies more than 92,000 square miles and is the eight largest country in the European Union with the seventh largest population of over 20 million.  Tourists have come from all over the world to see the countries beautiful landscapes in the summer and the ski resorts in the winter.

In recent years, Romania has also seen a significant boon to its medical tourism due to the high quality of health care, the lower costs of the heath care when compared to the west as well as for the countries exclusive health and wellness services. Medical tourism in Romania has also grown as a result of an increasing base of patients who are looking for accessibility, availability as well as affordability in medical care services. There are innumerable clinics and Hospitals found in Romania’s urban centers, which allow health tourists to have a combined package of treatment and a recuperative holiday.

Medical Treatments in Romania

The more popular forms of medical services provided to medical tourists in Romania are dental surgery, eye surgery, aesthetic treatment, orthopedics, fertility treatment, cancer treatment, bypass surgeries and also plastic surgery. The four more popular fields are dental, cosmetic, dermatology and rehabilitation services. Receiving your medical care in Romania comes from highly qualified English speaking medical professionals who are held to a high standard of care and quality of service.

Cost of Treatment in Romania

The cost of medical care in Romania averages to be about 25% the cost of the exact care here in the United States. In the more populated areas of Bucharest and Transylvania, you will find many high quality care clinics where pricing remains at 25% of United States costs. As an example: the cost for dental implants in the USA – on average – falls into a range of $1600 to $2500 while in Romania, the same implants will fall into a range of $600-$800.

Medical Tourism Destination in Romania

Romania is regarded to be an ideal place for rest and relaxation. Escaping in the natural surroundings of Romania infuse new vitality and vigor in medical tourists during the recovery process. Romania is also a premier destination for tourists seeking rejuvenation, rehabilitation and body toning procedures.  Alternative treatments and services are also very popular among health travelers in Romania. The natural and semi-natural ecosystems of Romania highly attract health tourists. You can spend your convalescence in style in Romania.

Things to Remember

  • You will need a passport and visa for entering Romania.
  • You will have to go through usual immigration checks before entering.
  • Bucharest Henri Coanda is the major international airport of Romania.
  • The railway network in Romania is very dense therefore the most convenient means of transport for traveling.
  • Romanian is the official language of Romania.
  • People do know English so language is not a barrier.
  • The official currency of Romania is Leu.
  • You can dial 112 to contact emergency services including fire, police and medical.
  • Vodafone and Orange in Romania provide extensive network coverage.

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