The industry in Poland boasts a history of about 200 years. Recently Poland has become an increasingly popular destination for health tourists seeking reasonable medical treatments. People come to Poland for rest, medical treatments and also the well-known rehabilitation services. Poland became famous for its medical services world-wide because they boast the latest in medical equipment, professional medical staff a high standard in medical services and excellent quality of health care facilities.  Sweden and Germany media outlets are actively reporting on the excellent and high quality services provided by Polish medical specialists. Poland provides a magical and unique blend of geography and natural resources making it an ideal spot for healing and renewal.

Medical Treatments in Poland

Poland is becoming a leader in providing medical treatments in central Europe. There are large number of health tourists coming from different parts of the world like Germany, Scandinavia and Canada. Tourists from the USA and the UK travel to Poland for various treatments like dentistry. There are tourists who come here to improve their appearance along with enjoying spiritual renewal with the help of qualified and experienced medical professionals and state-of-the-art equipment’s. Currently, the more popular treatments sought by medical tourists to Poland are for eye surgery, cosmetic dentistry, infertility treatment and plastic surgery. However, there is much more medical services offered to medical tourists.

Cost of Treatment in Poland

Poland possesses the highest level of medical technology which is one reason for its increasing popularity. A large number of medical tourists have been flocking to Poland for medical treatment from the highest of trained medical staff with the latest medical technology. Plastic surgery in Poland is, on average, about 80% lower than that in other European Countries and the United States.  Many medical tourists tout that the lower costs does not impact the level of care and while in Poland, they are able to have an enjoyable vacation with the money they save.

Medical Tourism Destination in Poland

Poland is one of the most active medical tourist destinations in the world. Many foreigners regard Poland as ‘a paradise’ due to the excellent medical care, health spas which help with the recovery process and the exclusive items they find in Polish shops at low pricing which makes shopping much more fun. In terms of the number of health spas in Poland, they rank seventh in all of Europe. In addition, each spa is located in an area which is considered truly unique becase of the natural, soothing and healing environment. The more popular spas are located in Ciechocinek, Naleczow and Wieliczka.

Poland has a well-established infrastructure which offers comfort and a well-educated medical professionalism that is unparalleled. The low cost medical care is given by medical practitioners who speak English fluently. Your post care recovery time can be spent exploring  a country with a rich history, an abundance of fresh air and natural beauty.

Things to Remember

  • A Passport and Visa are necessary to enter Poland
  • Carry your ID and medical files with you on your medical trip
  • The National currency of Poland is the Polish Zloty.
  • Polish is the national language, however English is also spoken by a large percent of the population.
  • Poland has a large number of currency exchange locations for your convenience.