The wide spectrum of experiences and ease of travel has made Panama one of the most preferred destinations for medical tourists. in Panama is a booming industry because medical professionals here are bilingual, well trained and board certified. Health tourists come to Panama because of its cutting-edge technology and equipment. Medical tourism in Panama is easy, affordable and safe. Hospitals in Panama are either recognized by Panamanian Government or are affiliated to well-known medical institutions like Harvard Medical Faculty.

Medical Treatments in Panama

There are many factors which have increased the number of health tourists in Panama like its strategic geographical position, natural scenic beauty, temperate climate and highly educated and experienced doctors. People from all over the world come to Panama for plastic and cosmetic surgeries. Panama is also well-known for dental surgery, fertility treatments, orthopedic surgery, cancer treatment and also its stem cell technology research and treatment. The hospitals which are known for medical expertise and well trained staff are Clinica Dental Corro and Punta Pacifica.

Cost of Treatment in Panama

The healthcare facilities in Panama are of exceptionally good quality and are very affordable. Therefore medical tourists from different parts of the world prefer Panama as their primary choice for healthcare treatments. Thousands of medical tourists every year come to seek medical services at very low costs.

The price for Platysmaplasty in the United States costs around $6000 while the same medical procedure averages only $3000 in Panama. Typically you will find a cost savings of about 70% for medical procedures in Panama versus the United States. In fact, pacemaker surgery will save you nearly 80%, the cost of Pacemaker surgery in the United States averages $40,000, while in Panama it costs only around $8,500.

Medical Tourism Destination in Panama

There are attractive packages for health tourists where you can blend a vacation with successful medical treatments. The main priority of medical professional in Panama is the health, happiness and welfare of the patients. Many patients come to Panama to enjoy the wonders of the country along with excellent medical care. Medical tourists also enjoy the different fairs and carnivals including the world famous Panama Jazz Carnival.

An abundance of medical tourists are attracted to the pearly white sandy beaches near the islands which are also ideal for convalescence. Eco-tourism is also a delight for patients in the recovery period with a wide diversity of both flora and fauna to explore. Since medical tourists experience significant savings on medical procedures, they are able to indulge in the spas and resorts that focus on recuperation. The spas offer wide range of therapies including detoxification therapies, enzyme therapy, diet programs and various allergy and recovery treatments for medical tourists.

Things to Remember

  • Tocumen International airport receives international flights.
  • You should keep a copy of all necessary documents, including Passport, Visa, ID and medical records.
  • You can use highway buses for traveling within Panama.
  • The official language of Panama is Spanish however people do speak English too.
  • The currency of Panama is US Dollar.
  • It is recommended for the tourists to take yellow fever vaccination.

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