Malaysia, a destination of exotic islands, beaches and scenic mountains is an elixir for your mind, body and soul. Over the past few years Malaysia has carved out a niche for itself in various medical treatments, attracting tourists from all over the world. It has been rated the forerunner in the sector of .

The medical facilities in Malaysia are advanced with latest technologies and medical procedures. The hospitals are accredited at international level by JCI. Other than international accreditations they also have national accreditation.  All the medical professionals are required to register themselves under the Health Care Facilities Act 1998. The different treatments provided by various hospitals that support medical tourism are dental surgery, cardiac surgery, cosmetic surgery etc. This sector is regulated by Ministry of Health, Malaysia to ensure a good quality of medical facility to the medical tourists.

Malaysia is blessed with an amazing range of tourist spots for the medical tourists to recuperate after their treatments. Kuala Lumpur, GeorgeTown, Iphoh, Klang, Melakar and Petaling are some of the many places of note. These destinations offer medical tourists with scenic beauty along with health centers for advanced medical treatment.

Benefits of medical tourism in Malaysia

  • The foremost reason for, which it attracts more medical tourists from US and UK is due to its low cost. This helps the tourist to save a lot of money on medical treatments,supporting tourism in the country at the same time.
  • It is ranked as one of the tops 5 destinations for medical tourism due to the advanced health care facilities and modern infrastructures. They offer many medical treatments right from dental, cardiac to cosmetic surgery. Also, medical tourists need not visit various hospitals for different treatment because everything is available under one roof.
  • This place offers various alternative methods for treatment like ayurvedic, Unani and Chinese traditional medicines. They help the tourists to increase the body resistance to diseases.
  • The medical professionals are highly qualified from abroad, which helps to understand the patient’s needs from different backgrounds. Due to their qualification they can deliver safe and advance medical practices with much confidence and ease.
  • English is widely spoken by the residents, so it helps the medical tourists to interact with medical professionals. In case of language issues, hospitals also provide translators.
  • The services provided by the hospitals are excellent and environmental friendly. Also, the registration process for medical tourists is hassle free and well organized.
  • Many medical tourists opt for relaxation in the health centre after the treatment.
  • The crime rate in Malaysia is so low that it helps the medical tourist concentrate more on medical treatment in a peaceful way.
  • The scenic beauty, amazing food along with best health care facility provides a wonderful package altogether for medical tourism. Malaysia is also known for its exotic locations to visit.
  • The Visa procedures are hassle free for any tourist, they can apply for visa on arrival and get a visa for 3 months and if required apply for 6 months extension also. On reaching the country medical tourists won’t find it difficult to travel within the country as each place is well connected by private and public modes of transport.

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