A preferred destination, Lithuania is very accessible, very affordable and within the medical field has highly developed technology. Due to an abundance of air travel and elite health care Lithuania, has seen a boon to its medical tourism in recent years. Lithuania is a member of the EU (European Union) and as a member, it’s medical and health care field must – and does – meet the strict standards of the EU directives and requirements. Patients traveling to Lithuania will receive expert care that meets the EU standards, but at a cost which is significantly lower than that of the western world.

Over the course of the last 18 years, the medical field has been successfully implementing the most up to date technologies, diagnostic tools and treatments and doctors in Lithuania have been participating in major international research, studies and other medical projects. This participation has led to a significant increase in the number of medical tourists to the country.

The Lithuanian Ministry of Health oversees the medical care system in Lithuania and is always working to ensure a standard of care that meets – or exceeds – International Standards. There are a number of facilities in both the public and private sector, which cover all areas of health care. Traveling to Lithuania for medical treatment, patients will find a high quality of care from doctors.

Medical Treatments in Lithuania

Many of the doctors in Lithuania are trained in Western Europe and the United States. Doctors undergo 6 years of training in basic medicine followed by an internship prior to concentrating on a field of specialty. A large number of doctors and medical staff speak fluent English, however if needed a translator can be provided for you. The more popular forms of medical treatment sought in Lithuania by medical tourists, is cosmetic surgery, dental treatments and cardiology care and surgery. Many cardiologists found in Lithuania are known to be amongst the best in all of Eastern Europe.

Within Lithuania, there is a concentrated effort to provide coordination between pharmaceutical companies, medical technology manufacturers and physicians which directly benefits the patients. The medical staff and physicians in Lithuania are all highly educated and many of the cardiac surgeons you will find there are world-renowned. This has all resulted in Lithuania being a preferred destination for medical tourists seeking treatment, surgeries and procedures for cardiac care, neurological care, fertility treatments, orthopedic care as well as dental care. Lithuania is also widely known for its exclusive sanatorium services.

Cost of Treatment in Lithuania

The Lithuanian government provides incentives to hospitals to reduce the cost of medical care, this proves beneficial for international medical tourists. The medical treatments offered in Lithuania are at a fraction of the cost in the United States. By taking a trip to Lithuania, you can receive quality medical care, at a fraction of the price and combine it into an exotic vacation after your recovery period is over.

Medical Tourism Destination in Lithuania

As a medical tourism destination Lithuania has a great growth potential. Lithuania is a country of great heritage and has a very colorful history that combines with the latest technology within its medical fields. The Lithuanian government is in full support of and welcomes medical tourism to the country and thus makes Lithuania a very popular medical tourism destination.

The country of Lithuania is considered very friendly and safe. The medical doctors possess good foreign language skills and cultural differences are easy incorporated. Shopping is plentiful in Lithuania, and a popular destination for health tourists is Vilnius, a shoppers paradise. Lithuania is also known for health spas and holistic centers which can relieve the spirit and make you feel younger and full of vim and vigor.

Things to Remember

  • A Passport and Visa will be required to enter the country.
  • Carry with you – copies of your past medical history and important documents.
  • Travel within Lithuania is convenient through both busses and train services.
  • Lithuanian is the official language, with Russian the second most popular language in the country – while most medical tourism destinations have English speaking medical personnel, a translator can be provided on request.
  • The national currency of Lithuania is Lithuanian Litas.
  • Contact emergency services by dialing 03 or 112