in Japan is flourishing at a stupendous rate, so much that it is soon to earn a reputation of one of the leading medical tourism destinations. Though Japan’s entry to the medical tourism industry was late yet within a short span of time it became the chosen medical destinations for a vast majority of Chinese and Russians. The presence of world-class technology and the cost effectiveness of medical care have already elevated Japan in the eyes of millions of medical travellers, seeking medical attention in a foreign land. Japan’s medical services have garnered good reputation overseas.

According to the WHO, Japan stands at number one in the world for average life expectancy and for healthy life expectancy. As declared by the WHO Japan also has top-rated degree of national health. Japan also prides itself for having the lowest infant mortality rate. It is said that due to the availability of low cost medical treatments Japan is blessed with the longest life expectancy.

Medical Treatments in Japan

Japan has established itself in a range of medical treatments. It has especially made an impressive advancement in the treatment of cancer. Japan has a number of expert cancer specialists. The evolution of cutting-edge medical technology specifically for cancer treatments has paved the way for an increased survival rate after surgeries and treatments of pancreas, rectal, lung, colon, liver, , and patients. Japan also has strong medical technology for the treatment of gastrointestinal tract.

In the field of endoscopic surgery too, Japan is a pioneer. Japan stands unrivaled in such medical procedures as CT-PET, Micro-Catheter treatments, Proton Beam and Carbon Ion Therapy, Cell based Immunotherapy, EMR/ESD procedure, Radio frequency Ablation, Regenerative treatment etc.

Cost of Medical Treatment in Japan

The low cost of treatment and high quality medical procedure is the reason behind the country’s longevity. Among the developed countries Japan is known to have the lowest cost of medical care. It is positioned at number 18th among the OECD member states for its low medical cost. The healthcare expenditure in Japan is said to be 30% and 63% lower than in Germany and United States respectively.

Medical Tourism Destination in Japan

Some of the top-notch hospitals where you can avail medical treatments in Japan are: Seirei Hamamatsu General, Kanto Medical Center NTT EC, Kameda Medical Center, St. Luke’s Intl, Seirei Mikatahara, Matsunami General, Kariya General, Asahi General, Yokohama City University etc. Medical tourists can go for a spa service post-treatment, in the hot springs near Mt. Fuji.

Things to Remember

In order to increase economic growth, the government of Japan has introduced a medical visa for foreign nationals to help them get their treatment done in Japan. The period of stay for this medical visa is of 6 months duration. This medical visa covers treatments, check-ups and recuperation. An accompanying person can also avail this visa. Language is not a barrier as most of them can speak English. In addition one can avail the services of an interpreter or coordinator to aid you in communicating.

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