Largely recognized for its museums, heritage and religious sites, and eco-friendly travels, Israel has also become a popular destination among the foreign tourists for its healthcare services and facilities. Cost-effectiveness combined with superior quality treatments encourage travelers to go there for assistance.  A proof of this lies in the fact that in 2006, this Middle East country witnessed the arrival of 15,000 medical tourists, generating nearly $40 million of revenue and in 2010, the number of medical travelers increased to up to 30,000, as per statistical records. Today, the country is widely traveled for in-vitro fertilization treatment and surgeries along with other specialized healthcare solutions.

Medical Treatments in Israel

Medical tourists from different parts of the world travel to Israel mainly for surgeries and in-vitro fertilization treatments as these are very cost-effective there. The country offers them the best services and facilities in this field. Some travelers also choose this country for the treatment of special medical conditions, such as , oncology, cardiology, urology, injuries from accidents, , Psoriasis, etc. Here, people with ligament, joint and bone defects can also be seen coming in huge numbers.

Further, Israel has a slew of treatment centers and spas at the Dead Sea. These health and spa centers take care of the dermatological, rheumatological and lung conditions of the patients. This place is also well known for its excellent plastic surgery techniques; hence, those who want to benefit from aesthetic and re-constructive treatments find it as a comfortable choice.

Israel remains in touch with many foreign medical and scientific research centers to constantly upgrade itself.

Cost of Treatment in Israel

Tourists from various corners of the world, especially the U.S., choose Israel for their treatment and surgery because of low cost and quality services. A person living in the U.S. without a medical insurance has to dish out $120,000 for a bypass, whereas the same surgery can be done for around $35,000 in Israel. Also, in spite of being famous in the field of fertility and IVF, Israel can offer these treatments for about $3,000 to $3,500. The same treatment may cost nearly $16,000 to $20, 000 in the U.S.

Medical Tourism Destination in Israel

Tourists from Cyprus, Bulgaria, U.S. and other parts of the globe come to Jerusalem, Eilat, and Tel Aviv in Israel for medical procedures. They also visit the Dead Sea for dermatological and rheumatological treatments.

Things to Remember

Global Health Israel (GHI) is reckoned as the medical tourism operator. The organization is a face of the Medical Tourism Association (MTA) of the country. It enables foreign medical tourists to get in touch with the best doctors and surgeons of Israel. Along with this, GHI also takes care of various other aspects of the medical tourists relating to accommodation, flights, leisure trips, visas, post-operative needs, etc.

Israel’s reputation in the area of medical tourism is on rise because the country is well equipped to offer its foreign as well as local tourists quality treatments at cost-effective rates. Its health systems are technologically advanced. Another appeal is its central location, which makes it easily accessible from almost everywhere.

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