Due to the advanced medical facilities and economical pricing the geographical convenient Iran has emerged as a hot-spot destination for medical tourists – from neighboring countries and around the world. Many Islamic and regional tourists come to Iran for various medical treatments. The hospitals in Iran provide excellent healthcare and medical services to its citizens as well as to foreign medical tourists. Religious and cultural similarities have added to the list of advantages for tourists coming in from neighboring countries which helped in making Iran a very viable destination for medical tourists. Moreover, the geographical proximity also attracts a large number of health tourists from the surrounding areas. There is still much potential for Iran to expand and develop as an important destination for all .

Medical Treatment in Iran

More than 30,000 people come to Iran for medical treatments every year. Iran holds 12th in rank among countries having bio-medicines technology. It is regarded as one of the most important health tourists center. Medical tourists come to Iran for a variety of treatments. Iran offers treatments for , infertility, cosmetic surgeries, aesthetic surgeries, dental treatment, hair transplantation, kidney transplant, liposuction and even by-pass surgeries.

People come here to take advantage of latest medical techniques and procedures as well as the much lower costs for these treatments.  Iran has a very extensive network of hospitals and private clinics. There is proper co-ordination between the pharmaceutical companies and research and development co-operatives. This enhances the quality of treatment offered to health tourists. There are some charitable hospitals, such as the Mahak hospital, which treat .

Cost of Treatment in Iran

The Iranian healthcare system is very well-structured and highly centralized. Decisions regarding the functioning of the hospitals are made by Ministry of Health and Medical Education. Iranian hospitals offer superior healthcare services at very low costs to medical tourists. This is done to expand the medical tourism industry of Iran further. Medical tourists come to Iran to enjoy a luxurious vacation combined with excellent medical services. Even after having an exotic holiday along with medical treatment in Iran, health tourists experience significant savings over the cost of the medical care alone in the western world. Iran is well-known for its high-caliber practitioners providing service at low costs.

Medical Tourism Destination of Iran

Iran has emerged as a very popular medical tourism destination over the years. Iran is conveniently catering to the needs of international medical tourists coming from different parts of the world. Post recovery, many health tourists take time to enjoy the many activities the country has to offer, from cycling, sailing and hiking to the more sedate activities such as the museums, cultural centers and the many archaeological and anthropological sites. The natural beauty of the country in places like natural beauty like Bakhtiari, Urumia and also Marivan just should not be missed with its beautiful landscape and many waterfalls.

Things to Remember

  • A Passport and Visa will be required to enter the country.
  • Be sure to carry with you, your medical records and identification
  • Imam Khomeini international Airport is the hub for international flights.
  • The national and official language of Iran is Persian, however many of the medical professionals speak English. If you should need an interpreter, one can be provided.
  • The national currency of Iran is the Rial.
  • Traveler’s checks can be converted to cash in most Iranian Banks.