Within Europe, Hungary is one of the most preferred medical tourism destinations. People the world over travel to Hungary for the medical experts in high demand that can be found there. Hungarian doctors are highly trained and sought after because of their expertise and experience within their fields. For many years now, Hungary has been the epicenter of medical tourism for their dental and prosthetic services by patients from both Austria and Germany because the practices there match the standards of the Swiss, yet the cost is considerably lower. Medical tourism in Hungary became more popular after the country joined the European Union. As a medical tourist in Hungary you can expect to become fit, fab and radiant all while relaxing and at very little cost.


Medical Treatments in Hungary

Within Hungary, you can receive low cost – high quality medical care for any reason what-so-ever. The more popular treatments being sought by health tourists are: cardiac rehabilitation, plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, fertility treatments, anti-aging treatments, dermatology, addiction programs, obesity treatment and also eye surgery including ocular implantation. From the doctors in Hungary you will receive outstanding treatment and expertise at a very affordable price which you can blend with a rejuvenating holiday in an country rich in culture and history.

Intensive care is provided by ISO certified Aesthetica International Medical Center and Avorszky Odon Korhazat Hospital. Buda Health Center is the main hub for health tourists for the treatment of spinal injuries. Hungary also offers modern healthcare facilities in the field of gynecology and hair transplantation.

Cost of Treatment in Hungary

The cost of medical treatment in Hungary is so affordable that you can easily blend your medical care with a wonderful vacation allowing you to enjoy the culture, sight and shopping in Budapest and still have significant savings of up to 70% of the same treatment here in the United States.  The medical facilities available in Hungary are very efficient, unique and effective and up to international standards, yet still the cost of treatment is at a fraction of the cost in the western world.

Since Hungary is located in the Center of Europe, the flights cost less and are easily accessible. The favorable currency exchange rate has made Hungary more affordable for health tourist coming from different parts of the world. Hungary provides world class technologies and treatments at internationally competitive price to maintain its leadership in the medical tourism industry.

Medical Tourism Destination in Hungary

The medical personnel in Hungarian medical facilities possess good language skills. Many of the facilities will have English speaking staff. However, if you are in need of one, a translator can be provided.  You can combine your medical care with a vacation and take time to explore the unique blend of western and eastern culture in Hungary. There are many rejuvenating mineral and thermal spas in Hungary which will help to speed up the recovery process after your medical care, these spas can also help to rejuvenate both mind and body. The soothing mineral and thermal spas in Hungary are world renowned in helping to improve overall health.

While the quality of medical care is of utmost importance to medical tourists, many feel Hungary is a fabulous medical tourism destination because once they have received the care they required, they were able to take the time to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, rich history and jaw-dropping architecture found in the country. When looking into Hungary as your medical tourism destination, take the time to find out about the wonderful after-care facilities found there. Hungary has some of the most wonderful private hospitals dedicated to after care – staffed by highly trained medical personal, they offer a wide range of therapeutic care.

Things to Remember

  • A Passport and Visa will be needed to enter the country.
  • Be sure to carry with you an ID and full medical history.
  • While English is a popular language in Hungary, especially with the younger generations, the national language is Hungarian. If desired, a translator service can be provided for you.
  • The climate in Hungary is termed “continental” which means they experience hot summers with a lover overall humidity but frequent rain showers along with mildly cold snowy winters.
  • The larger Hungarian cities have a great infrastructure for travel including busses and trains.

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