Joining the loop of the medical tourism industry, Hong Kong has within a very short span of time become the hub of medical tourism for its neighbors and it is already on the threshold of attracting medical tourists from other parts of the globe too. In the year 2006, Hong Kong had around 12 private hospitals. Though, all the 12 private hospitals are accredited by the UK’s Trent Accreditation Scheme, most of them are now seeking to acquire dual international accreditation with Trent and JCI. Today, it has around 50 public hospitals. Ever since the availability of 12 “Trent Hospitals” there has been a major rise in the scale of medical tourists entering Hong Kong.

As per the estimate, more than 400, 000 patients from around the world visit Hong Kong to avail its extensive and world-class healthcare services. Hong Kong medical services are known to go beyond the boundary of excellence.

Medical Treatments in Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers a host of medical treatments. The introduction of the Chinese-Western Oncology Rehabilitation Center a non-governmental organization and world’s first of its kind, has made Hong Kong climbed the ladder of one of the top destinations for cancer treatments. The amalgamation of some of the best Chinese and Western medical approaches to treat cancer has made this center very popular among the Americans.

Apart from this, Hong Kong provides a range of medical treatments the branches of which, includes nephrology, dentistry, infertility, oncology, cardiology, orthopedics, gynecology etc.

Cost of Treatment in Hong Kong

One of the main reasons, why medical tourists flock to Hong Kong, is because of the availability of low cost medical treatments. Most of the medical procedure can be done at a cost that is comparatively lower than in the West. The medical treatments are at par with the European and the American. The availability of state of the art medical facilities, medical equipment, and western- trained doctors and nurses ensure top class treatment to international tourists. 

Medical Tourism Destination in Hong Kong 

If you opt for Hong Kong for your medical treatment you will surely have a memorable trip. Hong Kong is home to some of the best hospitals; Princess Margaret Hospital, Prince of Wales Hospital, Kowloon Hospital, Hong Kong Central Hospital, Evangel Hospital, Grantham Hospital etc.

Recovering after your treatment in the midst of such a beautiful surrounding will truly be a wonderful experience. Hong Kong’s Disneyland, Ocean Park, Ngong Ping 360 etc are popular tourist places of note. Hong Kong is a shopper’s paradise and one can also indulge in shopping at Stanley Market, Jade Market, Temple Street Night Market and Ladies Market. You are sure to recover very fast in the midst of such a lively atmosphere. 

Things to Remember

One should have a passport if one intends to enter Hong Kong for medical treatment. Medical tourists coming from most countries usually do not require a visa. They can stay for a period of 7 to 180 days though it varies from one nationality to another.

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