The industry in Estonia is growing rapidly due to both ease of access and the highly qualified world renowned Nike Air Max 90 Herren Weiß medical care. Estonia is a Baltic region country in Northern Europe, bordered on the north by the Gulf of Finland and to the west by the Baltic sea. South of Estonia you will find Latvia and to the east Russia. Estonia covers almost 17,500 square miles and has a humid continental climate. Estonia is divided by 15 counties and has a democratic parliamentary republic. Its population of 1.3million makes it one of the most populous countries within the European Union and NATO. The country of Estonia ranks high in the HDI (Human Development Index) and rates high in the world in freedom of the press, economic freedom, education and civil liberties.

For all the reasons listed above, as well as its world class medical care, there is little doubt as to why Estonia is one of the medical tourism destinations which is growing in popularity at an amazing rate. While the country has a rich history, it also offers a very cosmopolitan atmosphere from medical care to dining and accommodations.

Medical Treatments in Estonia

The more popular forms of medical treatment sought by medical tourists traveling to Estonia are for cancer treatments, fertility treatments, aesthetic surgeries, hair transplantations, rehabilitation services, dental services, spas and wellness therapies and much more. The highly trained staff and physicians are well trained and sought after for their individual specialties with many of them known the world over for their remarkable work in their fields. The mud baths and spa treatments in Estonia are also well known. Many Golden Goose V-star Pas Cher people throughout Europe come to the mud baths because they are highly regarded to have therapeutic qualities.

Cost of Treatment in Estonia

The cost of medical treatment in Estonia is, on average, 60-70% lower than the costs for the same treatments here in the United States or in the United Kingdom. It’s because of these lower costs coupled with the high quality of medical care that medical tourism to Estonia is becoming a favored destination. After medical treatment and recovery, medical tourists can avail themselves of the many spa resorts Estonia has to offer, or tour the beautiful country and learn of its rich history. Coupled together as both medical treatment and vacation, the cost is still significantly lower than staying home and Billiga Adidas Strumpors Dam receiving the same high level of treatment.

Medical Tourism Destination in Estonia

Estonia is emerging as a popular destination for medical tourists because it offers magical forests, picturesque deserted beaches and rolling towns. Everywhere you go in Estonia you will be Nike Free Tr Fit 4 5.0 startled by the wonderful landscape that the country has to offer. While there, take time to explore the 14th century historical and architectural remains. Nike Blazer Low White During your medical vacation, health tourists prefer Tallinn as the ideal spot for convalescence. You can also explore Estonia by making Tallinn as a base. Estonia is a place where tourists find beauty in abundance. Medical tourists have a great deal to explore after the treatment from meadows to rivers to hills. People who come to Estonia for treatment-cum-vacation engage in lot of activities like hiking, bird watching and horseback riding in the rolling hillsides. Estonia offers excellent New Balance 572 Burn Rubber ambience for patients who come for rehabilitation.

Things to Remember

  • You will need Visa and Passport to enter Estonia
  • There is a wide variety of hotels in Estonia, ranging from budget to luxury. You are sure to find accommodations within your budget.
  • Within Estonia you can use the comfortable and quick network of bus services.
  • The currency used in Estonia is the Euro.
  • Estonian is the national language; however in the urban areas English is widely spoken.
  • Popular mobile network services in Estonia are: Simpel and Smart.

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