Inside central Europe, you will find the landlocked country the Czech Republic. Bordered by Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland, the Czech Republic is a pluralist multi-party parliamentary representative democracy with a Prime Minister as head of government. The capital of Czech Republic, and its largest city, is Prague with an estimated 1.3 million residents. Prague is a magnificent city to visit as a tourist, and doubly so, if you are a medical tourist. Offering both superior medical treatment by highly trained staff, as well as a wonderful ‘old’ world full of exciting destinations to visit post treatment.

Within the medical field in Czech Republic you will find highly trained, internationally recognized doctors performing surgeries and offering treatments at a fraction of the costs here in the United States. The facilities and physicians are held to international standards and international qualifications. There is a pride within the Czech Republic that holds them to a high standard of cleaning and sanitation, which is one of the reasons the country has a large amount of medical tourists coming to the country.

Medical Treatments in Czech Republic

There is healthy competition among medical and dental services in such a way that the health tourists are directly benefitted. All the hospitals and private clinics provide up-to-date state of the art technology and equipment to the medical tourists as well as its residents. Medical travelers travel to Czech Republic for cancer treatments, rehabilitation services, various cosmetic and aesthetic surgeries, fertility treatments, eye treatment and dental surgery. Many tourists also come here for complicated heart surgeries from a number of experts in the field.


Cost of Treatment in Czech Republic

The high quality if treatment in the Czech Republic does not come at the same high cost the same procedures and treatments do here in the United States. In addition, Czech Republic is very economical also in terms of traveling within the city as compared to other West European countries. On average, a medical tourist will find their procedures and surgeries will cost 40% less than here in the United States. Couple the lower costs with the high quality of care and there is little wonder why this European country has seen a substantial growth in the number of medical tourists.


Medical Tourism Destination in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a very popular tourist destination and now a very popular medical destination as well . With its wonderful blend of colorful life, rich history and state of the art medical facilities it’s no wonder it’s become a premier medical destination. The environment is very appealing and lively for health tourists. In addition, Prague is an economical tourist destination where you can easily afford luxuries and make your trip more special.

Most of the medical professionals in the Czech Republic speak English fluently, however, if needed an interpreter can be provided for you.

Things to Remember

  • You will need both a  passport and a visa to enter the country
  • The official language of Czech Republic is Czech.
  • English is very prevalent in the Medical field.
  • The currency of Czech Republic is Czech Koruna.
  • Brno-Turany Airport is the most important international airport of Czech Republic.
  • You should carry a photocopy of the necessary documents including your medical history files.
  • You can call 158 for police, 150 for fire emergency and 155 for ambulance.