For the Americans, nothing comes as a better and convenient alternative to a medical destination than Canada. Canada has over the year’s garnered great reputation for being one of the most cost effective medical destinations for foreign tourists. The attractive countryside coupled with an excellent healthcare system makes Canada one of the best options to opt for. A striking feature is the lower in-hospital mortality rates in Canada. It stands at 1.4% against 2.2% in USA. Supplemented to this feature is Canada’s 9.9 qualified nurses per 1000 population against USA’S 7.9 qualified nurses per 1000 population As a result the past few years have seen a rapid increase of American to Canada.

Medical Treatments in Canada

Canada has carved out a niche for itself for offering a number of medical procedures and treatments to its international tourists. It has earned a reputation for offering top-class cancer treatment, cosmetic surgery, heart surgery, and treatments of kidney disease and organ transplants.

Canada has a reputation for having an annual bone marrow transplants of a rate as high as 0.89 per 100,000 population as against the US rate of 0.81 per 100,000. It has a survival rate of 118 as against 110 in USA for childhood , 113 as against 100 in USA for kidney transplant, 113 as against 108 in USA for colo-rectal , 123 as against 102 in USA for liver transplants etc.

Cost of Treatment in Canada

A medical tourist is expected to save 30 to 60 percent on any kind of medical treatments in Canada. The average in-hospital treatment in Canada costs just $ 10.373 whereas in the USA it goes up to $20, 673. In the United States the medical treatment is almost double the cost of what it is in Canada. For coronary artery bypass surgery the in-hospital cost in the United States is 82.5% higher than what it is in Canada. The adjusted monthly costs of treatment are supposed to be $503 higher in the USA. Even the prescription drugs and medicines are inexpensive in Canada. Moreover an impressive thing to be note is that, the survival rate and the success rate of several types of treatments and surgeries in Canada is much higher than it is in the United States.

Medical Tourism Destination in Canada

Canada offers an umpteen choice of hospitals for the medical tourists. All the major cities have a slew of distinguished hospitals, which are specialized in various domains of medical treatments. Some of the top hospitals in Canada are located in Alberta, New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Canadian hospitals are known for its high regulation standards.

The cities of Canada boast of attractive tourist spots. Dotted with lakes, forests, natural trails, galleries, museums, Canada’s imposing places will make you recover from your treatment and surgery very soon. The cities are well connected through public transport and hence getting around becomes easy and hassle free.

Things to Remember

For Americans, if your stay in Canada is less than 180 days you will not have to worry about acquiring a visa. English and French are the widely spoken languages in Canada hence one need not have to worry about a communication gap.

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