Bulgaria has been gaining popularity as a time-and-cost saving and a very reliable health terminus in Europe. It not only possesses an extensive network of highly reputed Doctors of private clinics but also has cutting-edge medical equipments. It is not only a tourist destination any more but here you get combined pleasure of travel and also an added benefit of improving your health. In Bulgaria you get the advantage of excellent treatment in a very short waiting period. There are organizations like MEDSPA BG which makes all the necessary arrangements so that you get the best treatment and also ensures to make your visit to Bulgaria a wonderful vacation. Once you come to Bulgaria you will go back feeling much younger and self-confident.

Medical Treatments in Bulgaria

Bulgaria provides excellent treatment services in a large number of areas including dentistry, urology, laser rejuvenation, aesthetic surgery, reproductive medicine and even aesthetic dermatology. You can also come to Bulgaria for Green Light laser treatment of enlarged prostrate (BPH) or IVF which saves your money from implants, veneers and crowns. Even the medical staff treating the patients have been given very high training. There is consensus on easy availability of regular prescription drugs in Bulgaria.

Cost of Treatment in Bulgaria

The emergency treatments are covered at little or almost no cost. The cost of treatment in Bulgaria is comparatively lower in case of dental treatment and plastic surgery. It is so because Bulgaria has a very high level of education in medical specialties. Prices are also low because of the healthy competition among private clinics. Even the cost of labor is very low in Bulgaria which further lowers the treatment cost. Some health clinics are so popular that people all over the world prefer it for ‘Hospital Holidays’- where best treatments are available at very economical prices.

Destination in Bulgaria

Bulgaria also has some well-known springs and spas which provides relief to patients suffering from rheumatism and arthritis. Some renowned hospitals in Bulgaria are Tokuda Hospital, Queen Giovanna Hospital, St. Ekaterina Hospital, National Oncology Centre, etc. Treatment in Bulgaria is a combination of a holiday trip with valuable care for your health. Bulgaria offers perfect surroundings like Black Sea coast, Bulgarian mountain ranges (Vratsa and Malyovitsa) which are ideal for relaxing and convalescing after the treatment. There are many facilities such as Hydro massage, Mud Treatments, Medicinal Water Bathing and Thermotherapy which helps the patient to unwind after medical treatments.

Things to Remember

Bulgarian language is related to Serbian, Russian and Eastern European. There are four international airports in Bulgaria namely- Bourgas, Varna, Sofia and Plovdiv. You can use the excellent bus services for travelling within the country. The currency of Bulgaria is Lev where 1 Lev is around $0.64. Local shopkeepers do not accept foreign currency. MTel is a mobile network with 97% coverage therefore mostly preferred. Do not forget to carry your passport and medical history file (if any).

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