Another wrongful death lawsuit was filed against McNeil Consumer Healthcare, a subsidiary of pharmaceutical conglomerate Johnson and Johnson. McNeil is the manufacturer of Children’s Tylenol and Infant’s Tylenol. The case has been filed in St. Landry Parish.

Tylenol is an analgesic drug and is used for treatment of pain and fever. It acts as a pain reliever. It is used for treatment of different types of pain such as muscle pain, back pain, toothache, headache and pain due to arthritis.  It is also used to treat cold and fever. It contains acetaminophen as main ingredient.

Tylenol is brand name for Acetaminophen. It is also used to treat cold and fever. Doctors prescribe Acetaminophen for other purposes as well on the basis of their clinical judgment. Tylenol is manufactured by McNeil Consumer Healthcare.

The deceased child Brianna Hutto was administered with Infant’s Tylenol, when she was 5 months old in January 3, 2003. She was suffering from common cold and fever and was taken to emergency room of Opelousas General Health System. She was prescribed with Infant’s Tylenol. The child died 5 days after starting the dosages of Infant’s Tylenol.

The lawsuit blamed Opelousas General Health System and McNeil Consumer Healthcare, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson for the death of the child. The lawsuit stated that it was company’s fault that it did not adequately informed about dosages and risks of infant’s Tylenol. The lawsuit also blamed Opelousas General Health System for administering improper dosages of drug to the child.

Jury agreed with the arguments of plaintiff’s lawyer and ruled in favor of child’s parents. The jury awarded $7.5 million in the case. The Krotz Springs couple got a favoring result after waiting almost 7 years.

Opelousas General Health System released a statement after the verdict came stating that the community of Opelousas General Health System was deeply sad on the death of the child and they were hopeful that the family would have solace on this verdict. This type of rare instances could result anywhere and were difficult to bear. The statement concluded that they were focused at providing world-class care at the hospital and were sorry for this instance and would try that no other incident to happen in the future.

Infant’s Tylenol had been recalled last year in May. The verdict had concluded that the Infant’s Tylenol is a dangerous product. This verdict came as a big set back for both McNeil Consumer healthcare and Johnson & Johnson as it has proved to be a morale booster for other Tylenol lawsuits. The recall of Tylenol has also proved that this drug is dangerous in nature and children or infants, who have used it, might have severe side effects, including liver damage.

FDA had also issued safety alerts related to Tylenol, time to time as reports of its being linked to liver damages poured in. Infants Tylenol was recall after it has been linked to infant deaths. In June 2011, it also asked the manufacturer to recall a lot of Tylenol Extra Strength Caplets. It was due to products failing quality standards.