What is Lime?

Lime is a small yellow citrus fruit often used as an accessory in recipes. The peel, skin and oil are used to make medicines. Lime also has certain antibacterial properties and works as a good natural cleaner.

Functions of Lime

  • Lime is often used as a seasoning to flavor certain foods.
  • It is a natural antiseptic and can be used as a cleanser for utensils, hands and other products.
  • It can be handy in preventing the spread of diseases and skin infections to a certain extent if rubbed on the hands regularly.
  • It is often used as a source of too.
  • Lime extracts are also frequently used as cosmetic or toiletries.
  • It can help prevent dry skin in certain cases.
  • Dry lime is also often used to enhance the smell of surrounding areas.
  • Natural Lime juice is considered to be a healthy hydrant for the body, especially during summers. It nourishes and cools the body.
  • Since lime contains certain amounts of it also helps to strengthen the teeth and bones.
  • Lime is also a natural antioxidant which can help rid the body of toxins if consumed regularly.
  • It can help fight stomach, , mouth, , and .
  • Lime can be used to heal people who suffer from stomach infections, diarrhea and similar infections.
  • The hydrating ability of lime can help cure dehydration.
  • It can reduce fatigue and help people feel refreshed.
  • In certain cases, lime is considered a great salad accessory because of its natural health benefits.
  • Lime is often used to flavor foods of various kinds.
  • It is used as an accessory with salt for beverages and alcoholic drinks to enhance the flavor.

Lime is a natural fruit, the extracts of which can be used for various purposes. The peel and skin can be used to make medicine while the natural juice can be used as skin applications or natural drinks. It is an important supplement but the benefits of lime can be sought through other natural foods and supplements too.

Recommended Dietary Allowance of Lime

The ideal dosage depends on an individual’s health, medical condition and age. There is no real specified or appropriate dosage.

Some people may be prescribed natural lime juice for certain diseases while others will be prescribed medicinal amounts for health conditions.

Tips and Warnings

  • Lime is considered safe for use when used in foods or even as a medicine.
  • Lime oil can make the skin very sensitive. It is better to avoid direct exposure to sunlight when you use lime oil. Use sunscreen lotions and jackets if you have to go out in the sun after using lime oil.
  • Lime in medicinal amounts is not advisable for pregnant women or nursing mothers.
  • Natural sources of lime are always safer and better for health benefits.