Medicines are made to cure people. However, some drugs are not safe to use. Patients suffer from severe injuries due to the use of such type of drugs. is the kind of drug which is considered to be unsafe to use.

There are various kinds of injuries that patients of this drug are said to suffer. This drug is made from Drospirenone and ethinylestradiol. Several lawsuits have been filed against this drug. The plaintiffs complain that regular use of this drug causes heart attack, kidney failure and even death. More than 100 cases of death have come to light ever since the arrival of drugs. The plaintiffs have accused the drugs manufacturers of hiding important facts from the consumers.

Those who are not familiar with the drug may use some information. This is a contraceptive drug. It is consumed to prevent pregnancy. Some women used this to combat acne. However, the hope of getting benefitted from consumption of the drug did not take long to diminish. With time death rate and other ailments increased and the patients begun shying away from the drug. In fact across theUSmore than eleven thousand have been filed against the manufacturers.

In case you or a loved has become injured due to the consumption of any medicine, you are empowered to receive compensation for the medical expenses. This lawsuit is known as product liability lawsuit. According to theUSlaw, the consumers have the right to accumulate all the information about the product they are using. In case someone gets injured or sustains illness due to the unsafe drug or is a victim of accident caused by defective product, the consumer is empowered to receive compensation.

Product liability lawsuits are high profile cases. These acquire lots of media attention. Therefore, you are required to get in touch with a lawyer who has the experience of handling such types of lawsuits. The lawyer may have to handle the media coverage and he/she should not shy away from limelight.

Product liability lawsuits demand the assistance of lawyers with ample team spirit. They are required to work as a team while working on a lawsuit. Also, the lawyer must have certain level of knowledge about medicines. Analyzing the witness’ testimony or the experts’ statement will not be possible without in-depth knowledge. To establish certain statements or evidence, the lawsuit may require specialist’s testimony.

You are advised to take action as soon possible. Do not delay in getting in touch with our lawyers. Some states have a time limit of filing a product liability lawsuit. Therefore, the faster you take action the better it is for you.

Try to preserve all the medical reports and bills. These two documents will come handy when you file the lawsuit. The medical report will establish that you have really been injured due to the drug use and the bills will help in evaluating the amount of compensation. Our lawyers will be able to help you in this matter.