Topiramate (Topamax) has been approved for the treatment of patients (age 12 or older) suffering from seizures and migraine headaches. All went well until there were reports of Topamax causing severe side effects which in many cases, like birth defects, were irreparable.

All the information, side effects and minute details about a drug cannot be detected while approving it. Everything about a drug is highlighted only after millions of people use it.

Some drugs approved by The Food & Drug Administration FDA are good generally but harmful for pregnant women and Topamax is one of such drugs. Topamax was in Pregnancy Category C when it was initially approved but seeing its severe side effects on people eventually it was categorized as Pregnancy Category D, due to the ham this drug can cause especially to human fetus.

Infants whose mothers were on Topamax during their pregnancy develop serious birth defects like cleft lip, cleft palate, genital defects. Cleft palate is characterized by problems in hearing, poor growth, speech and language delays. More and more people are acting legally if they are wronged anyway by usage of this drug and there are various avenues out there to seek justice.

If a group of people whose children have all developed cleft palate or cleft lip due to the intake of Topamax during pregnancy Topamax class action lawsuits are filed. If medication has caused major injuries in a person, Class action lawsuits are filed. Parents or kin of the children damaged from birth defects caused by Topamax can join a class action lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson. They can demand reimbursement for the harm, misery, and medical expenses spent on their children. Working as a group and demanding the rights by those who are wronged by the same entity in the same way has more impact on the court. To avoid any big trouble the drug manufacturing firm at times decides to settle the matter outside the court.

Now if you have mistaken by taking Topamax in pregnancy and your child has some birth defect then it is the time to act. Fill the Topamax Claim Review Form and let the Topamax attorney evaluate your case.

Topamax manufacturers were alleged that they indulged in false marketing, promotion and sale of the anticonvulsant medication Topamax and the issue resulted in the settlement of a $75 million lawsuit.

Topamax attorneys can help you to get the recompense you deserve as they are experienced in defective drug litigation. Their aim is to get justice to those affected with the damages done by the manufacturers of the drug. Currently several Topamax birth defects cases are probed.

Lawyers who deal with such cases have the skill and experience to tackle any legal problems which is necessary and helpful for the claimants demanding compensation. They chalk out complete frame as in what damage the drug has done and what possibly it can do in the future. The issue is dealt keeping all the past, present and future expenses in mind.