Dr. Dennis T. Mangano, director of a California based non- profit organization, carried out a research on the 3,900 heart patients who underwent coronary artery bypass graft across 62 medical centers worldwide. The conclusion of the study was alarming. It was found that in a span of five years, the death rate of patients administered versus aminocaproic acid and tranexamic acid was 20.8%, 15.8% and 14.7% respectively, i.e.

In a span of 5 years Trasylol Aminocaproic Acid Tranexamic Acid
Death Rate 20.8% 15.8% 14.7%

The total research estimated that the medicine in its 14 years of commercial use must have caused at least 22,000 deaths.

This was an eye- opener and post this research was out, Bayer had an avalanche of filed against it. Till two years after the drug recall, in November 2007, the product liability lawsuits were being filed.

  • On 13th November 2009- a set of plaintiffs sued Bayer over kidney damage and other injuries. The claim is by and large similar to those of other lawsuits, which claim that Bayer refrained from sharing the side effects of the drug with and people, causing agony and pain to patients. The plaintiff seeks $1.2 million in damages in addition to other compensation.
  • On 25th September 2008- lawsuit was filed on behalf of two heart surgery patients, who were given Trasylol, St. Clair County Circuit Court, Illinois. The suit is filed to seek compensation for damages caused. The patients suffered from renal failure due to which they had to go for regular dialysis, eventually leading to death of one of the plaintiff.
  • 3 more product liability lawsuits have been filed against Trasylol, in St. Clair County Circuit Court, Illinois, either by patients or by the survivors of the deceased patients. All the three lawsuits possess multiple plaintiffs and allege defective design, deliberate infliction of emotional stress, common law fraud and wrongful death. While the first suit has 19 plaintiffs, the second and the third suits have 18 plaintiffs each, making it a total of 55.
  • Loretta M. told her horrifying story of pains and injuries which never ended post her first operation, in which she was, administered this dreadful medicine. She had two open heart surgeries and suffered from serious side effects post both of them. After the first surgery, she suffered from lethargy and difficulty in breathing. After some time, there was unexplained weight gain. The weight gain was due to water retention which needed another surgery. For the second surgery, the anesthesiologist had put catheter, only to paralyze the fingers. Even after stress test and induction of ACE inhibitor for congestive heart failure, Loretta still suffers from difficulty in breathing, lethargy and edema.

All these cases are just among the thousands of Trasylol kidney failures and other damage lawsuits filed in the state courts all across the nations. In fact, the figure approximations of Trasylol lawsuits pending in Florida state courts alone are 1,000.

So in case, you have suffered due to use of Trasylol, while you were hospitalized, an attorney should be discussed to determine if you can file for a lawsuit and get compensation. However, Trasylol compensation only operates if the statute of limitations for filing litigation approves that the misery is caused due to the drug.