Baycol was a cholesterol lowering drug, which was approved by in the year 1997.However due to its serious and fatal side effects; it was removed from the market worldwide in the year 2001. Though it was available for commercial use only for four years, still in this time it caused various injuries and deaths. is one drug that has caused more than 100 deaths and has the maximum number of litigations filed and pending against it. There are various figures floating in the market pertaining to the number of litigations against it, while some have reported approximately 7,655 liability cases against the manufacturer of Baycol, – the manufacturer has declared more than 10,000 cases for its attorneys to settle. Bayer also stated that till April 2005, it has paid approximately $1.2 billion against the various settlements around the world, related to Baycol only.

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Verdicts and Settlements
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