A new case of DePuy ASR Lawsuit became a matter of limelight when the District Court out-rightly dismissed the first DePuy ASR lawsuit that went to trial on January 7, 2013 in Maryland State Court.

The peculiarity of the lawsuit was that not only it was naming DePuy Orthopedics as the defendant but the lawsuit has also made Chesapeake Surgical Ltd, a co-defendant in the case. However, after proper consultation with various parties the Judge Crystal Dixon dismissed the lawsuit on the ground of Prejudice regarding claims against Chesapeake Surgical Ltd, however the lawsuit against DePuy was true and there was no indication of prejudice.

Though the plaintiff has said that it is very unfortunate and discouraging that the case was dismissed right on the first day, the plaintiff, Moira Jackson, is expected to re-file her lawsuit against DePuy in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio, where the DePuy MDL is based. It is important to underline here that a MDL is different from other normal courts in the sense that a particular MDL consists of a huge number of similar cases. Transferring all the lawsuits to a single judicial unit saves a lot of money and judicial assets that would otherwise be wasted.

What is Hip Replacement?

Hip replacement is a surgical process in which the natural and defective hip joint of people is replaced by artificial and prosthetic implant. Depending on the need and nature of the patient the implant could be complete or semi. The hip replacement surgery is also prescribed to relieve patients from arthritis pain, fix severe physical joint damage and/or to treat hip fracture. In a total hip replacement surgery both the acetabulum and femoral head of the hip are replaced.

The hip implant system was approved for the first time by the FDA in the year of 2005 however amid growing number of hip implant side effects and the system was recalled in August 2010. According to various reports as of now more than 500 incidents of hip implant injuries have been reported in various regions of United States. 

 Side effects of DePuy hip implant are:

  • Hip Failure
  • Intense and high degree of Hip Pain
  • Additional or Revision Surgery
  • Loosening of the DePuy ASR Hip
  • Loss of Bones and bone components
  • Inflammatory reactions on the surrounding tissue