In a latest development in the pharmaceutical and drug-litigation arena one of the pharmaceutical giants Johnson & Johnson has declared settlement of Risperdal lawsuit that caused the male plaintiff grow breast tissues.

The amazing lawsuit was put-up by 21 years old, “Aron Banks” and claimed that the drug caused him to grow breast tissues. Another trial moving on the same line is going to begin on September 20 in Philadelphia. Though the terms of the settlement were not disclosed, spokesperson of both the parties said that the matter was settled amicably and there is no pending issue remaining associated with the case.

Detailing the news person about the case and its proceedings, Steve Sheller the plaintiff’s attorney told “The case is resolved and the client is satisfied,” We are thankful to the honorable court that gave us a chance to put our points and ultimately truth prevailed.

Risperdal is an antipsychotic drug intended to treat schizoaffective disorder, schizophrenia (including adolescent schizophrenia), and many other manic states pertaining to bipolar disorders.

Following its strong and acute serotonin, adrenergic and dopaminergic antagonistic behavior USFDA approved it on 1993 to treat patients who are indicated for schizophrenia and associated maniac attacks.  The drug received overwhelming response from experts and physicians so much so as on August 2007 it was the only drug approved by the USFDA to treat schizophrenic patients who are around 13-17 years old.

However, this drug too is not without side effects and it poses some side effects like weight gain, neuroleptic malignant syndrome and other metabolic problems. The drug also increases the risk of death in patients with forgetfulness behavior that are indicated for dementia.

However this is not the only case that alleges Risperdal having such side-effects, rather the above mentioned lawsuit is one of about 420 lawsuits that were filed against the pharmaceutical giant that claim some sort of personal injuries associated with it. Out of these 140 cases, 130 of the cases involve claims that indicated breast tissue growth and enlargement in male consumers.

While framing the severity of his claim the plaintiff, Aron Bank, said he sustained many psychological traumas from breast growth that he experienced while taking this drug. While defending the plaintiff claim Bob Hillard, one of the plaintiff’s attorneys said “This drug caused female breasts to grow on little boys around the country. Their childhoods were stolen, but billions were made.”

Viewing the severity of damages the manufacturer and marketer of the drug should come-up with some strong steps to curb them down and they should present enough data to support side effects associated with the drug. They also accused the pharmaceutical giant of concealing data that could have saved young people from many psychological traumas. The plaintiff’s lawyer said “The billions J&J made had a terrible human cost,” and justice should prevail and this is what we are craving for.

Earlier Johnson and Johnson was ordered by an Arkansas judge to pay $1.2 billion in fines over deceptive marketing. In another trial the J&J end a trial in  Texas with a $158 million settlement.  In 2011, a judge in South Carolina ordered J&J to pay $327 million for deceptive marketing.