Immunotherapy is used as an . It is used to stimulate body’s own immune system through manmade immune system components such as synthetic proteins. It stimulates the patient’s immune system to attack the malignant tumor so that they are destroyed or their spread is prevented.  Therapeutic antibodies are also given to patients in form of drugs. Some immunotherapy methods boost body’s immune system and some train the immune system to attack cancer cells in particular way.

It may be used as a sole treatment method for treatment of some cancers while it can be used along with conventional treatment for treatment of other cancers.

There are few benefits of this method.

  • It can be used in most  as sole or complementary treatment method.
    • There is no collateral harm to the patient in this method.
    • There are no long term side effects.
    • The short term side effects are very mild as compared to conventional methods.
    • The response has been also seen in patients who have tried all other methods.

Types of Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy uses different types of therapeutic methods.  Some immunotherapy methods are as follows-

Monoclonal antibodies