A new lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Washington alleged Zimmer Orthopedics of manufacturing defective Zimmer NexGen GSF CR-Flex device. The lawsuit was filed on November 1, 2012 in the United States District Court, Eastern District of Washington and the plaintiff was reported as Pamela Taylor, a resident of Illinois. In the lawsuit filed by the plaintiff and her Zimmer Knee attorney the plaintiff stated, that she was implanted with the device on July 27, 2009 after she was advised by her doctor. However, after 2 years of the implantation she began experiencing various complications and side effects due to that forced her to undergo revision surgery.

In the lawsuit the plaintiff and her Zimmer Knee Lawyer have brought in a number of counts against the manufacturer Zimmer Orthopedics that includes negligence, defective designing, breach of warranties, failure to warn and misrepresentation. Meanwhile, the plaintiff has sought for compensatory and punitive damages and strict action against the manufacturer as she suffered from physical complications, mental distress and financial loss.

What is Zimmer Knee Implant

The metal-on-metal device, non cement piece, attaches to the bottom of the thigh bone and is used to treat lack of movement and flexion in the knee. In most knee replacement systems, a type of surgical cement is used to hold the component in position.

Zimmer Knee Implant that is sold under the brand name of Zimmer NexGen LPS-Flex is implanted to people who require a high degree of flexion in their knee joint. Doctors and medical practitioners prescribe for the device when patient’s knee joints lose their flexibility and flexion capacity. Or in other words we can say that the device is important for those people who are fond of games and other physical activities. The Zimmer knee implant offers increased flexion capacity for those people who want to increase the range of their flexion of joints and other bones.

Complications and side effects people experience after Zimmer Knee implants

  • Loosening of replacement knees
  • Knee replacement failure
  • Knee pain