A grieved Illinois plaintiff has sued drug maker Bayer Pharmaceutical for being negligent in the marketing of its birth control pill Yaz. The lawsuit was filed by Donald A. Swierenga on Dec 20, 2012 in the Southern District of Illinois. Viewing the importance and complexities of the , the case was transferred to the Multidistrict Litigation Court of Illinois to streamline the judicial process and save judicial assets.

According to the lawsuit filed by the plaintiff and his Yaz lawyer, Donald’s wife died of pulmonary thrombo-embolism after taking a generic version of the drug Gianvi, a generic of Yaz. The lawsuit also claimed that she suffered various side effects and complications and hence he is entitled to be compensated adequately. The plaintiff has accused the drug manufacturer of not informing patients and health care professionals over the potential that the drug possessed and has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against .

The Yaz lawsuit filed by the plaintiff states that his wife had taken Gianvi after being prescribed by her doctor few years back, however, after taking the drug she began experiencing various complications and that compromised the quality of her life and ultimately died of blood embolism, a kind of clot that blocks the supply of oxygen and blood to heart. It is important to underline here that , Yaz, Ocella and Gianvi are some of the widely prescribed birth control pills in the United States. According to reports from various sources all these drugs contain a special kind of chemical known as “Drospirenone” which is synthetic progesterone. Studies have also revealed that women who use drospirenone containing contraceptive have double the risk of blood clots compared to women who use contraceptives with levorganestrol.

In the lawsuit the plaintiff had claimed that drug manufacturer Bayer should have adequately informed patients about the potential risk of clot formation. With the lawsuit the plaintiff has come up with a number of counts against Bayer Healthcare including product liability, negligence, concealing relevant clinical data and breach of warranties and seeks for compensatory, punitive and exemplary damages.

With this Yaz lawsuit the plaintiff has also framed charges of loss of consortium and seeks compensatory damages in excess of $350,000 for physical and mental harassment they have undergone.