Burn injuries are always severe and painful whether they are minor or major. Depending on the severity of injuries, people take different measures to cure them on their own sometimes. Generally they follow prescribed first aid for instant relief, but some people also rely upon home based treatments to cure burn injuries since these home remedies consist of easy-to-follow steps. However, in case of very major burn injuries, they understand the severity and prefer hospitalization and specialized treatments.

People who believe in home remedies while following the treatment, have shared their experiences how they could get relief from excessive pain and complications. This might be the reason why people prefer practice home based remedies. Below is the list of some home based remedies made use of in minor burn injuries for complete cure or alleviate pain:

  • Cool Water:

    Cool not the cold water is the first thing people find to use to cure for a minor burn injury. Burn victims immediately hold the burn affected area under cool running water till they start feeling comfortable. This certainly is considered to be exceptionally a good approach to cure the injury and to prevent any complication.

  • Milk:

    Milk is another thing that almost every burn victim prefer to get relief from pain. Applying milk on burn for about 15-20 minutes provide a lot to alleviate the pain.

  • Honey:

    After treating with cold water, applying a certain amount of honey on the burn injury will be quite relieving, as honey has natural healing capacity hence it prevents infection as well as heals the injury.

  • Vinegar:

    Vinegar is believed to be the best known first-aid home remedy. Burn injuries are treated by simply applying diluted vinegar on the affected area. Vinegar basically  acts as an antiseptic and astringent which prevents any kind of infection on the burnt area thereby avoids any kind of complications.

  • Tea bags:

    Tea bags being anti-oxidizing and coolant in nature help to draw out heat from the burn affected area. To prepare a remedy from tea bags, Simply you are required dip a tea bag in a bowl of cold water. Then apply it directly over the area for 2-3 times in the interval of 5 minutes. This soothes the pain as well as prevents any kind of infection on the burnt area.

  • Leaves paste:

    There are leaves of numerous plants such as henna leaves, Plantain leaves, Red berry leaves etc. used as home based remedy for burn injuries. These leave directly of their paste help soothe the injury and get the victim rid of any dangers. Some leaves very swiftly heal the injuries and avoid making any scar also.

  • Aloe Vera:

    Aloe Vera is another most useful home based remedy for minor burn injuries. Applying Aloe Vera gel or pulp significantly cure the injury, ensures lesser inflammation and swelling.