Alcoholics not only need professional help to get rid of alcoholism, but they also need support from family and friend. There are many ways by which a family member or friend can help an alcoholic to quit drinking. Families of alcoholics often wonder how they could help them. Sometimes they become too critical or judgemental, which could lead the alcoholic to negative feelings and relapse episodes. Some families due to over concern even provide the alcoholic with his desired drink, if he develops withdrawal symptoms. Being too harsh or sweet is not the right approach to help an alcoholic to get rid of alcoholism. There are few things, which can actually help an alcoholic if taken care by family or friends.

Stop the Supply of Alcohol

The best help a family member or friend can do is to stop the supply of alcohol to the alcoholic patient. If a family member or friend brings the alcohol for the alcoholic patient, he or she must immediately stop doing so. Providing alcohol to an alcoholic is equal to helping him in worsening his condition. If an alcoholic has other resources, from where he or she can get a drink, try to stop that too through talks or other means. Educating the alcoholic about the bad effects of alcoholism or taking him or her to an anti-alcohol campaign or group’s meeting could also help. It will expose them to people with similar problem trying to get rid of it. It will encourage them also to try to get rid of alcoholism. If an alcoholic gets violent or out of control other people may also be involved to sober him down. Family and friends must clear it to alcoholic patients, what behaviour will not be tolerated. A little strictness is needed to help an alcoholic to get rid of his addiction.

Give an Ultimatum

Giving an ultimatum to the alcoholic could also help. A family member or friend can ask an alcoholic to quit the drinking habit or he or she will lose the relationship. Sometimes these ultimatums help the alcoholic to limit his or her drinking and ultimately leaving it as he or she is on the verge of losing an important relationship due to alcoholism. In the same way a family member or friend can force an alcoholic to go to rehabilitation centres. Going to rehab centres will ultimately help the alcoholic to get rid of his addictive habit.

Stop Reacting

Generally people tend to scream, yell or react badly on actions of an alcoholic. By reacting at alcoholics, a family member or friend gives him a target. The alcoholic starts thinking that this person is angry at me and this negative feeling may trigger more cravings for alcohol. If an alcoholic lands in a trouble due to his drinking habit, letting him face the consequences is better. It will lead to self-examination and he may realize that this problem is due to drinking. Later he may try to quit drinking to avoid problem arising due to it.

Do not Ignore Yourself

Often family or friends start ignoring themselves, while trying to help an addict. This is not the right approach. If they take care of themselves, only then they will be capable of helping an alcoholic. Thus own care is of prime importance.

Set An Example

By setting an example through a healthy living, a family member or friend can inspire an alcoholic to lead similar life. By providing healthy atmosphere at home one can help an alcoholic in building a healthy mind-set.