Heart disease is a common problem that affects a large number of people the world over. There are various kinds of heart diseases that affect people. Furthermore there are various common causes of heart disease. In certain cases heart disease can be genetic problem too. While prevention of heart problems is possible, in several cases patients realize that they are suffering from heart related problems when it is already too late.

When it comes to the matter of health, one has to be constantly active and pay attention to various factors from an early stage. In today’s highly fast paced world, hectic work schedules and unhealthy eating habits tend to affect one’s health and eventually lead to heart disease. Heart diseases are one of the major  contributors of . Furthermore, in several ways changes in temperature and weather and global pollution levels also play an indirect role to a certain extent.

It is a common misconception that heart disease affects just the old. In reality this is far from true. Heart disease can affect any adult above the age of 18.

Know more about the common causes of Heart Disease

  • Unhealthy and untimely eating habits:

    Several young professionals rely on fast food and fried foods while at the workplace. Furthermore, untimely meals and constant exposure to unhealthy food can result in hardening of the arteries due to excess consumption of oil and unhealthy fats. Unhealthy fats are commonly found in ready made processed and packaged foods as well as fast foods. This eventually leads to heart disease over the years. Constant consumption of oil rich meals can affect the body in several other ways too.

  • Excess smoking and drinking:

    Smoking and drinking regularly can result in heart problems at a later stage. Excess smoking can affect the lungs as well as the blood flow and arteries. This can cause several blockages and lead to heart attacks in young people too. Excess alcohol consumption can also result in heart attacks and heart diseases of various kinds besides simple clogging of the arteries.

  • Excess weight gain:

    If you suddenly gain weight and do not take any effort to control it, it will lead to heart disease in the future. One of the most common causes of heart disease in young and middle aged adults is excess weight. People who are or overweight also face the risks of heart disease.

  • High cholesterol:

    has often been a leading cause of several kinds of heart diseases that may even be fatal in some cases. In order to control cholesterol it is advisable to eat fat free foods and healthy balanced meals on a regular basis.

Common facts about heart disease

  • Heart disease can affect anyone at anytime. Age is not necessarily a differentiating or influencing factor.
  • In some cases the effects of heart disease can be reversed with a good , regular medication and balanced meals.
  • is also a common cause of heart disease but is not often showcased as being a major root cause.
  • People with a history of blood sugar and blood pressure problems are at higher risk of developing heart diseases as they age.

Some common types of heart diseases are