Life is precious. We now live in an age where environmental and industrial risks pose serious challenges to healthy living. Healthy resources of life are depleting fast and lifestyle also has witnessed some drastic changes. Food habits, contamination, pollution, work stress are some of the reasons that keep us away from . As most of us believe in adapting to the changing environment, we still are at greater risk that are little but realized.

There are stronger forces of nature that keep affecting us at all times;like the air we breathe, the sunlight we receive, radiations we are exposed to. It can be one of the greatest challenges to try to control such forces. However, on the practical side, we can control many aspects about our own life. We can eat appropriate food and maintain a healthy diet, we can sleep on time and sleep enough to beat the stress, we can keep our premises free from dust and germs, we can have regular physical exercise to keep our body fit; we can actually do a lot more.

One of the secrets for healthy living is to work upon both the physiological and the psychological needs. With so many studies and researches in biological science, many of us have a good understanding as how our body works and responds to different elements. Therefore awareness is one key point to unveil the secrets of healthy living. Also, health experts often come up with new ways and new methods to tackle stress and strain.

It all works, and it does work, if you are willing and committed to improve the quality of your life. All it requires is smaller changes and adjustments till you get used and start believing in the wonderful concept – the art of life.