When it comes to the subject of great health and general well being most people tend to focus on eating healthy and balanced meals. However, in reality there are several aspects that needs to be  looked into in order to maintain your overall health. The reason people suffer from different kinds of disease so regularly in today’s times is because of greater exposure to stress, lifestyle trends, hectic work schedules and lack of general balance.

Good health comes when you balance your food intake by including fresh fruits, vegetables, juices, dry fruits, essential vitamins and minerals etc in your meals. It is not easy to balance every meal out but it is possible to at least try and consume the most nutritive elements on a regular basis. The first step begins with limiting your consumption of junk food and unhealthy drinks like alcoholic mixtures or beverages high in sugar and caffeine content.

This is the basic of all ways to maintain overall good health. Good health cannot be measured by the way you eat or the frequency at which you fall sick. Good health is defined by the balance within your body. When your body is free of all types of diseases and sports a balance of every biological requirement and essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals etc then you can be considered fit and healthy. This is why a complete medical check-up including a detailed blood test needs to be carried out when you or your doctor needs to check the overall status of your general well being and health.

Overall health can also be measured in terms of external appearance. Healthy hair, healthy nails, glowing skin and clear eyes are usually typical signs of measuring health. If you suffer from dry hair for instance, it could mean that your body is dehydrated from within. Similar signs can act as tell tale signs for other problems. Good health also largely depends on maintaining a healthy work-life balance, stress free life with regular exercise. More often than not, people tend to take the easy way out by cutting down on foods, following strict diets and taking supplements to maintain their health.

Another important point to remember is to drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated. It is important to flush your body of all toxins in order to maintain your overall health. Sleep plays an important role in helping the body rejuvenate after a hard day’s work. Always make sure that you get enough sleep, a minimum of 8 hours a day ideally, to maintain overall health. Lack of sleep can lead to several other problems in the future, from chronic fatigue, weakness and other internal complications.

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