A Germ Cell Tumor is basically a neoplasm derived from germ cells. Germ Cell Tumors can be cancerous (malignant) or non-cancerous (benign). Germ cells normally occur inside the gonads, the ovary in girls and the testis in boys. Germ cell tumors that originate outside the gonads may be birth defects resulting from errors during development of the embryo.

Germ cells are the cells that build up in the fetus, or unborn baby and turn out to be the cells that structure the reproductive classification in males and females. These germ cells chose a midline pathway through the body after growth and move down into the pelvis or into the scrotal sac as testicular cells.

The majority of ovarian and testicular tumors are of germ cell origin. The ovaries and testes are called gonads. These cell tumors can shape up in other places such as close to the gonads, in the stomach, in the gap connecting the breastbone and spine and the brain. Germ cell tumors outside the gonads are known as extra gonadal.

Women can build up ovarian germ cell tumors. A lot of these are benign but some are cancerous. Only about 1 or 2%, or even less, of cancers of the ovary is of this kind. Most ovarian germ cell tumors crop up in young people or adolescent women, although they also take place in women in their late 60’s.

Cancers that build up from germ cells in other parts of the body are uncommon. They might develop in a part of the chest known as the mediastinum. The mediastinum is the region linking the lungs, and contains the heart. Germ cell cancers may also instigate in the brain, or at the back of the stomach. This is known as retroperitoneal cancer which just means at the back of the stomach.

Doctors frequently take away germ cell tumors with a surgical procedure and this might be all the healing you need if the tumor is small and easy to eliminate. If there is a possibility of the tumor coming back, you may have chemotherapy after the surgical procedure.

Germ cell tumors in general react splendidly to chemotherapy and the majority of people are cured. Even tumors that have multiplied are still very treatable with chemotherapy. Symptoms depend on the position of the tumor. People diagnosed with suprasellar germ cell tumors frequently complain hormonal troubles. Pineal region tumors cause augmented heaviness in the brain, with headache and vision problems.