The healthcare equipment manufacturer GE Healthcare has issued a class I voluntary recall for some of GE Healthcare’s resuscitation systems with blender, installed in GE Giraffe and Panda infant warmers. According to the news from the sources GE Healthcare initiated a voluntary field corrective action of the field upgrade kit for GE Healthcare’s resuscitation systems with blender, installed in GE Giraffe and Panda infant warmers.

The company recall was initiated viewing the fact that the oxygen and air wall inlet fittings and/or labels on the back panel may have been reversed during assembly. Such an instance could potentially reverse the air/oxygen mixer concentrations; for example, a setting of 100% oxygen could have an output of 21% oxygen, and vice-versa. The settings of the blender knob would no longer be accurate.

Potentially affected resuscitation system upgrade kits were manufactured by GE Healthcare from April 2008 to September 2012 and were distributed to various states through its outlets and distributors. Though no report of any adverse reaction with the product was found, but still as a part of precautionary measure GE field service engineers have inspected units at approximately 89% of the identified customer sites. The remaining unconfirmed customers are being contacted and scheduled for inspection by GE field service technicians.

People who are interested in knowing more about the recall and has some query pertaining to these products could get additional information regarding this field action simply by contacting GE Healthcare Customer Service at 1-800-345-2700. According to the FDA, a Class I Recall is a situation in which there is a reasonable probability that the use of or exposure to the potentially affected product will cause serious adverse health consequences even death to patients.

About GE Healthcare:

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