is a lethal disease, which occurs when some kind of mutation takes place in a cell’s DNA. This mutation causes the cells to develop and segregate at a fast pace and to go on living even when the normal cells would expire. These accumulating cells are cancerous and they form a tumor which can even invade the surrounding areas. These cancer cells can even split from the tumor and spread all through the body. is a type of cancer in which the malignant tumor arises from the lining of the walls of the stomach.

The exact causes of gastric cancer or stomach cancer are still not known. However, the following factors are known to increase the chances of the occurrence of gastric cancer :-


Men have more than two times the risk of having gastric cancer than women.


Certain genetic abnormalities and hereditary cancer syndromes can increase the risk

Blood group-

People having the blood group A have more chances of getting this disease.

Race and ethnicity-

Being Asian or African-American can increase the risk of the occurrence of gastric cancer.

Geographical variation-

 peculiarly, gastric cancer is more common in the former Soviet Union, Japan and parts of South America and Central America.

Age – Gastric cancer occurs more frequently in the people belonging to the age group of 70-75 years.

Family history-

This can double or even triple the risk of getting gastric cancer.

Other factors-

Unhealthy such as drinking alcohol, smoking and eating a diet which is low in fruits and vegetables or high in salt, smoked foods can may increase the risk.

Certain health conditions-

Having pernicious anemia, chronic gastritis, gastric polyps, stomach surgery, intestinal metaplasia increase the risk.

Work-related exposure – Cancer causing agents used in mining, nickel refining, timber and tuber processing and contact with .

The symptoms of gastric cancer are similar to those caused by peptic ulcer. Some symptoms of the disease include: stomach discomfort, indigestion, a bloated feeling after eating, loss of appetite, heartburn, mild nausea, etc. Gastric cancer can often be cured if it is discovered and treated at an early stage. Unfortunately, in most of the cases, the cancer is discovered at later stages, when it is at an advanced stage. The treatment for this disease depends upon the location and size of the tumor, the stage of the disease and the patient’s general health.