What is Garlic?

Garlic is a popular herb and health supplement used widely in Asian countries. It is considered to be an antiseptic in certain ways. It is commonly used for medicinal purposes and sometimes in recipes too. Garlic has several other names like Ail, Ajo, Stinking Rose etc. It can be cooked with meals or had raw for medicinal purposes. Patients can use garlic oil which is extracted from garlic cloves.

Functions of Garlic

  • Garlic is very effective in lowering cholesterol. It is natural medicine that can be used daily to treat cholesterol related problems. However, for maximum benefits raw Garlic should be consumed.
  • Garlic helps slow down the hardening of the arteries which in the long run can further help prevent many other health conditions.
  • Garlic helps lower blood pressure in patients suffering from high blood pressure related problems.
  • Garlic also has anti-cancer properties and can help prevent , and . However, Garlic doesn’t help in the treatment of patients who already suffer from .
  • It is also considered effective in reducing blood sugar in patients.
  • Garlic is also known to effectively treat skin diseases and fungal infections. However it is always safer to use Garlic along with other medicines for maximum benefits.
  • Garlic also helps prevent tick bites and parasite infections in people and animals.

Recommended allowance of Garlic

  • If patients are being treated for blood pressure disorders then 600-1200 mg of Garlic should be divided and administered thrice a day.
  • A weekly dose of 3.5 to 29 grams of Garlic should be used in cooking or had raw if patients are using it to avoid colon, rectal, stomach cancer.
  • For skin applications only gel based products or lotions should be used, Garlic paste by itself may result in further skin problems.

Tips and Warnings

  • Garlic is a natural substance and is safe for most people.
  • Constant use of Garlic can cause bad breath. Some people may suffer from a burning sensation in the mouth or stomach due to Garlic consumption.
  • In some cases patients are known to complain of diarrhea, gas, nausea, vomiting, body odor etc.
  • Raw Garlic is widely accepted to be healthier than manufactured garlic paste.
  • Applying Garlic on the skin may lead to other skin diseases and rashes.
  • Pregnant women or nursing mothers should avoid taking Garlic because it is harmful to the fetus and the new born baby.
  • If you suffer from other blood related problems then it is safer to avoid garlic.
  • Do not consume Garlic if you are scheduled for blood tests or have a surgery to undergo.
  • People with stomach problems and digestive disorders should avoid consuming Garlic.
  • If you suffer from immune problems or conditions like HIV then it is safer to avoid use of Garlic medicinally or otherwise.