Seldane was an oral antihistamine medicine. It contains Terfenadine as main active ingredient. It was a very popular drug and was introduced in the market in 1985. It was used for treatment of allergic symptoms. It was manufactured by Hoechst Marion Roussel. The pharmaceutical company is now known as Aventis. It was recalled by FDA in 1997 after it was linked to serious cardiac arrhythmia.

Why was Seldane Recalled?

In 1997 FDA announced withdrawal of Seldane from the U.S. market. It was a result of many new evidences surfacing which linked use of Seldane and other terfenadine drugs with severe side effects such as cardiac arrhythmia. FDA asked Hoechst Marion Roussel, now known as Aventis pharmaceuticals, manufacturer of Seldane and other terfenadine containing drugs such as Seldane-D, to voluntarily withdraw these drugs from the market. Hoechst Marion Roussel and Baker Norton Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of the Seldane decided to voluntarily stop the distribution and marketing of all terfenadine drugs including Seldane from U.S. market after FDA’s decision of recall.

Basis of Seldane Lawsuits

Seldane is an antihistamine drug. It is used for treatment of allergic symptoms such as hives, swelling of lips, tongue or face and other symptoms of allergies. It was a very popular drug and was prescribed to more than 100 million patients, before its recall. It was manufactured by Hoechst Marion Roussel, now known as Aventis. The drug was linked to sever arrhythmia of heart. The recall of Seldane has proved that it was a dangerous and defective drug. The company did not provide enough warning about the severe side effects associated with the drug. One can levy charges of producing defective product and not informing consumers about risk of side effects associated with this drug.

What to Ask For?

Patients injured by any unsafe products could ask for monetary damages for all losses and expenses. Your demand depends on your suffering due to use of Seldane. You can demand for

  • Medical expenses incurred and future medical expenses, if you need further treatment or medication.
  • Compensation for past and future pain and suffering.
  • If you have lost earning or earning capacity, you can demand a compensation for that too.
  • You can ask a compensation for emotional distress, you suffered while going through the side effect of the drug
  • You can ask for punitive damages.
  • In case of death, you can ask compensation for that.

Who Can File a Seldane Lawsuit?

Any person who has suffered a side effect due to use of Seldane or have any relative or friends who have died due to side effects of Seldane can file a lawsuit against Hoechst Marion Roussel, now known as Aventis claiming compensation and medical expenses. Legal claims are dependant of time limit; hence it is prudent to file a lawsuit as soon you find yourself eligible to do so.  The filing of lawsuit depends on procedure prevailing in your area of jurisdiction.

How to File a Seldane Lawsuit?

If you are eligible to file a Seldane lawsuit then you should find a good attorney to file your case. Try to find a lawyer who has prior experience of handling Seldane lawsuit. Your attorney would look after that your case has been filed according to the procedure of law as prevailing in your state.

You can file an individual lawsuit or can join a class action lawsuit. Your lawyer will design the basis of your case after taking into consideration that when and how long you took the drug and its dosage, how regularly you took the medicine and injury you suffered. You can also join a class action lawsuit, if there is any. Joining a class action case would help you by saving your time. You would also reap benefit of the expertise of all the lawyers involved in the class action lawsuit.