If you used Avaira contact lenses and suffered an eye injury, torn cornea, hazy or blurred vision, or other eye pain, you should contact our Avaira attorneys regarding your legal claim for compensation against the manufacturer.  In October and November of 2011, CooperVision Inc., acting under pressure from the FDA , recalled more than 5 million Avaira contact lenses that had been sold and shipped to consumers.  If you wear Avaira contacts, particularly the Toric or Sphere brands, you may have purchased the recalled lenses.  The recall began after the FDA received more than 40 reports of injuries due to a residue of silicone oil found on more than 6.6 million lenses.

The first step in filing a lawsuit or legal claim is verifying that the injured person used the Avaira contact lenses.  Contact lens wearers who suffered eye injuries or eye pain should first determine what brand of contact lenses they have been using.  The Avaira lenses are sold in blue and white boxes, with the words “Aquaform,” “Avaira,” and “CooperVision” all appearing on the front of the box.  If you used Avaira contacts prior to your eye injury, you should complete the case evaluation form on this website, so our Avaira lawyers can assist you.  Do not contact CooperVision directly.

If you use Avaira contacts and suffered any vision problems, you should retain any packaging for your Avaira contacts.  Both the box and the blister packaging for each individual contact are imprinted with lot numbers that will verify the injury was caused by the silicone oil residue.  If you have already disposed of the packaging, you should retain any pharmacy records, credit card receipts, or cancelled checks that demonstrate where and when you purchased the contact lenses that caused your injury.  Our Avaira attorneys may be able to trace the recalled lots to your pharmacy or distributor, using your financial records.