Motrin is a drug use to treat fever and reduction of pain. It belongs to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) group of drugs. Motrin has ibuprofen as main active ingredient. It is responsible for reducing the level of hormone, responsible for pain and inflammation. Motrin is used to treat pains such as back pain, headache, toothache, pain occurring due to arthritis, cramps occurring with menstruation and pain due to slight injury. It is also used to treat fever, common cold and flu and pains occurring due to them.

Motrin is a product of McNeil Consumer Healthcare. It was approved by FDA as a NSAID for treatment of different types of pain. Since its inception, it was linked with many severe side effects including heart failure, ulceration, swelling and skin diseases. It is also linked with heart related problems including heart failure. Its use could also cause hypertension.  It was also said to produce side effects such as coughing up blood or vomit that looks like coffee grounds black, bloody, or tarry stools, which could be a sign of serious stomach problem. It was also linked with serious skin diseases. It forced FDA to issue stringent warnings.

On 24th April 2009 FDA asked safety label changes on the label of Motrin. It asked the manufacturer to add warning related to cardiovascular side effects of this drug. It asked to warm consumers about increased risk of heart attack or stroke associated with this drug if used for prolonged periods.

Motrin was marketed in different level of concentration. There was also children’s Motrin and infant’s Motrin to be used in small children. On FDA’s insistence McNeil Consumer Healthcare announces Voluntary Recall of Certain OTC Infants’ and Children’s Products on 30th April 2010. It stated that this recall was due to some of these products not meeting required quality standards. It asked parents to not give these products to children as a precautionary measure. Some of the products included in the recall might contain a higher concentration of active ingredient or might contain inactive ingredients failing to meet quality standards. It asked consumers to stop using these medicines.

FDA asked consumers to go for other alternatives of Motrin for their children. It asked them to read the label of drugs carefully, before using them. It asked parents, caregivers and doctors to report any adverse effects related to children’s Motrin and Infant’s Motrin. It asked them to not use adult strength Motrin, which wasn’t recalled, for their children as a treatment alternative. It could be capable of yielding fatal harm to them.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration asked consumers to stop use of these medicines and asked them to consult their doctor in case of any adverse event or serious side effect.

FDA asked for discontinuation of these products as due to specific concerns, they have been recalled. It stated that chances of serious health problems were very less, but it is better to avoid the risk and instead opt for a safer alternative. It stated that further information in this regard would be imparted as anything knew comes in the knowledge.