FDA has scheduled its meeting in December this year to discuss on , Yasmin. One of the most popular medicines from Bayer pharmaceuticals, Yaz has drawn FDA attention for all the wrong reasons lately. It along with the same class drug Yasmin, which is also produced by Bayer, has been linked to fatal side effects.

Yaz was originally manufactured by Berlex Labs. Its production started in 2001. Later Yasmin another contraceptive in same class was introduced. Bayer acquired Berlex Lab in 2006. Since then it is enjoying the huge sale of both the medicines. Yaz, was one of its kind contraceptive to contain drospirenone, later Yasmin followed the suit. Both of these drugs are being linked to fatal side effects.

These medicines are also used to treat mild acne and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). Bayer is being showered by lawsuits. These lawsuits allege Bayer of misrepresentation of facts and side effects of the medicines.

Previously in 2009 as asked by , Bayer HealthCare ran an advertising campaign to correct misrepresentations regarding Yaz. FDA has also issued warning to Bayer regarding Yaz and Yasmin safety concerns time to time. Different studies worldwide have also related these medicines to fatal diseases such as Hyperkalemia, pulmonary embolism, deep vain thrombosis (DVT), gall bladder diseases and heart attack.

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