According to a new press-release from the FDA it has approved Invokana (canaglifozin) tablets, used with diet and exercise, to improve glycemic control in adults with type II diabetes. The diabetes treating drug Invokana, is manufactured and marketed by pharmaceutical giant J&J unit Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc., and will be available in the United States market soon. The drug is a new class of treatments known as SGLT2 inhibitors, for their mechanism of blocking a target in the kidney known as sodium glucose co-transporter 2. They are designed to help lower blood sugar in people with type-II diabetes by causing excretion of glucose in urine.

It is important to underline here that Type II Diabetes is the most common form of the disease and more than 24 million American people are suffering with this deadly disease. The Type II diabetes accounts for more than 90 percent of diabetes cases diagnosed in the United States and there is an urgent need for treatments and medications that could help people get rid of the disease. The disease is also known for its long term adverse impact on human body in which high blood sugar levels can increase the risk for serious complications, including heart disease, blindness, and nerve and kidney damage.

The efficacy and safety of the Diabetes drug Invokana (canaglifozin) was established through a randomized, placebo-controlled and open label clinical trial with more than 10,285 subjects across the globe. The trials showed improvement in hemoglobin A1c levels, which measure blood-sugar control, and fasting blood-sugar levels.

Drug maker J&J says that the approval will be a milestone not only for the company but also for the US drug market as Invokana is its first prescription drug for Type II Diabetes. The drug giant has also said that this is for the first time that a SGLT2 inhibitor is approved for the treatment of the disease. The company has already sold diabetes-care products such as blood-glucose meters and is conducting some more research that could help them launch few more Diabetes Treatment Drugs.

Reports say that the market for Type II Diabetes Drug in the United States is growing with the passage of time; however, the commercial potential of the drug Invokana is mixed as it is linked to increased risk of genital infections.