Since the Consumer Product Safety Commission first alerted the paper shredder industry in 2004 to potential hazards to children, these horrific injuries have continued with an alarming .  Most of these injuries result in lawsuits filed against the manufacturers, based on the defects in product design that failed to incorporate safety features, and based on the “marketing defects” that omitted the necessary warnings from the products.  Regardless of the exact theory pursued in these lawsuits, the lawsuit cannot accomplish what we all would prefer — restoring the child to his or her uninjured condition.  Instead, a lawsuit is limited to paying compensation to the child, so the parents and lawyers must attempt to place a dollar value on the injuries suffered by the child.

The lawyers know that calculating the damages resulting from amputations to children is a difficult and daunting task.  The effects of these traumatic injuries from a paper shredder injury can touch every aspect of the child’s future, and placing monetary values on the impact requires thoughtful expertise.  Here are just a sampling of the things that must be considered:

Future Earnings.

When a child suffers a traumatic injury to their fingers or hands as a result of a paper shredder , we must assess the potential impact of the injury on the child’s future earning capacity.  While at first blush, this assessment may seem like sheer guesswork, there are statistical measures that can help a jury assess the most probable impact on future earnings.

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Verdicts and Settlements
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